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05 Nov 2010
Diego Seoane is the Fabril’s player with more minutes with the first squad during this season; the right back is used to perform on the left and hopes for more opportunities in the coming games.

Right-back defender Diego Seoane is the Fabril’s player with more minutes at the first squad during the Primera season (225), and curiously all of those minutes performing at the left side of the defence. That position, however, isn’t new to him, because he has played there with Deportivo B, and even it was the place where the Ourense-born player debuted with the first squad, it was during a Copa clash against Sevilla (January 27).

Later, he repeated the job in the liga match against Valladolid, and on this season it was in the matches against Osasuna, Real Sociedad and in last Sunday’s game against RCD Espanyol as Seoane replaced Rindarøy, who had to left the pitch due to a hamstring problem. So, he is not having any problems playing there, “I have spent many matchdays like this, actually every time I join the first team is to play at the other side, so I am used to it.” He told to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña.

Before having these opportunities Seoane had to spent a year loaned at Ciudad de Santiago after been promoted from Juvenil A (season 2007/08), exactly on the season in which Lotina joined Deportivo, then he returned to La Coruña in order to play with Fabril, and within the last two seasons the defender has been an important piece in the schemes of coach Tito Ramallo: seasons 2008/09 (2,509 minutes in 30 matches), & 2009/10 (2,000 minutes in 23 games).

During the interview with newspaper La Opinión the youngster was also praising the new system with five defenders, mainly because it brings him the chance to join the attacks, “I feel more comfortable with this system, because it allows me to join the attacking line, and that’s something that I like. If you can join the attack then you have more chances to play and reach the opposite goal. In a personal sense I like it, besides you can notice that the whole team fell pretty fine with it.”

Seoane was remembering that Depor hasn’t won anything yet and that it must still fighting in la liga, “The team hasn’t achieved anything yet, the first victory was very important for the team and now we must try to repeat it in the coming matches. I don’t think we need to see the coach saying anything to us, because after winning a game by 3-0 every player knows that we were fine and that in the next game we should give our best effort at Levante.”

Precisely, the match at the Ciutat de Valencia against Levante UD might be his next opportunity at Primera División, because Norwegian Knut Rindarøy still doubtful due to the injury that sidelined him in the middle of the game against Espanyol, and it isn’t clear if Lotina will trust in Paraguayan Claudio Morel to perform in a function that needs a huge physical display.



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