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20 Apr 2006
Striker Diego Trist??n exploded yesterday with his new declarations, he expressed his frustration for his back-up roll during the last matches of Deportivo, a fact that according to his words could cause an exit at the end of the present season. The Sevillan striker also had some criticism about Caparr??s’ work.

Trist??n explained the reasons for his frustration: "I can't be without playing after all the things I made for this club. This situation isn't good for me or for the club and we can't continue in the same way. For that reason, I am now in the hands of the president and the fans, they seem to be showing their disapproval every time that I am entering to the pitch and maybe the best thing to do is to go out."

The Sevillan striker manifested that the main thing annoying him is his lack of participation during the last matches: "What can't be occurring is to be playing one day for only ten minutes, then in the other day, being out of the game and later, for the following encounter, playing for only twenty minutes. I played 19 matches in the first round and I scored 9 goals, mostly I was replaced in those games. Since then, nobody knows what has happened."

He also responded to the comments of Caparr??s after the draw against Sevilla, the Utrera-born coach said that one of the reasons for Depor's lack of goals is the absence of a striker with sparkle like Makaay: "In the past seasons the strikers in the team had seven or eight opportunities in each game, and the team was always at the top. A forward needs opportunities and if they don't occur it is impossible to score goals. The coach could name Makaay or the best striker in the world, but nobody has now the same occasions we enjoyed before."

In this sense, Trist??n believes that the current style of playing in Deportivo is affecting the strikers' performance: "The style of playing is different since the new coach arrived, and I am the loser with this situation since I am no longer in the starting lineup." He also said that he doesn't have a personal problem with Depor's coach: "One thing is his decisions, but he is a wonderful person and I don't have any problem with him."

The Algaba-born striker was asked about his possible future, he said that for the moment he's only thinking of ending the season, but he also gave a clue about his preferences: "Right now I am only thinking in the next five games with my team, I am in love with Spanish football and if my exit is necessary I will not put any obstacle to it."


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