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18 Nov 2010
After saying that he already decided his future, coach Miguel Ángel Lotina retracted and is now denying to talk of his continuity at Depor. He also spoke of the casualties ahead of the clash against Malaga.

On Sunday coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was surprising everybody with a confusing interview at newspaper Xornal De Galicia in which he was giving the idea that he might leave the club at the end of the season, therefore Wednesday’s press conference was long waited by reporters in order to clarify his previous words.

This time the coach was more cautious and preferred to not talk of his future, “Right now the least of my worries is what will happen in the coming months, I feel quite the same. I only care about the immediate future of Depor; we'll see what happens at the end of the league. In football things change very fast and nobody cares what will happen next year, what matters to people is Sunday’s game, not what will happen to Lotina. Three weeks ago I was packing and now the only clear thing is that I don’t want to talk about this issue. Let's talk about what matters, which is to see Deportivo improving and how to meet its goals"

“I repeat, I will not explain anything else. If you understand what I said, then its fine, but I will explain things to the fans and the club at the appropriate moment. I was wrong to say that my future was clear and I won’t insist on this mistake. The fans are far more intelligent and can read and hear, and what matters is to see us winning on Sunday. " The Basque man added (He was upset as some reporters were insisting in the subject of his continuity at the cub).

Later, the Meñaka-born trainer was insisting that Deportivo shouldn’t relax after adding seven of the last nine points in dispute, “We are better now, evidently the latest results are bringing us joy, but it’s not enough, because we still have to work, and the team is going step by step in order to correct several subjects.”

About the upcoming clash with Málaga, Lotina said that he hopes that his three strikers will be available after the three of them didn’t participate on Wednesday’s training session, “"If the doctors say that there is no problem, then Riki will play, we'll see how is he tomorrow and wait for the doctor’s opinion. Lassad and Adrian also have a knock on the ankle, but I hope that the three of them will be available on Sunday, we need them. If they are not recovered, then I could pick Dioni, who I consider a natural goal-scorer, but I don’t want to annoy the B squad, the other day Rochela stayed at the bench and I know this is a problem for Fabril, but it is something I will try to avoid whenever possible. Lopo is also dragging a problem, especially during the warming, so we'll see if it involves some risk to play on Sunday. "

He also explained the status of Urreta, "I pretend that the injured men will arrive in perfect conditions; we don’t have an obligation as last year to put the recovered men as soon as they were fit, because before we had less people, so let's wait and see how Urreta evolves. There are no hurries. We have Saul, Desmarets and Pablo Álvarez for that position, so we must be calmed. "

Finally, he talked of Sunday’s rival, "It won’t be easy to win on Sunday. Malaga has signed very a fast people and outside home is a team that creates a lot of problems, because they feel comfortable playing through counterattacks and having spaces. A victory would mean a tremendous boost and things would look differently. Pellegrini is a great coach, a friendly type of coach that likes good football. "



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