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24 Apr 2006
All the comments after the match were related to one issue: The polemic call of Lizondo Cort?z that ended in C??diz's goal. Depor's players are convinced that the behavior of the referee was the main factor that conditioned the final result of this match. The red card that Manuel Pablo saw was also criticised by some players.

Despite of the final result, coach Joaqu?n Caparr??s said that he is satisfied with the performance of his squad: "The team members are frustrated since they made a good job in a pitch that didn't fulfil the proper conditions to play, the state of the field  forced us to play in a more direct way. Nothing of what has just happened was caused by the players."

The Sevillan coach didn't want to judge the work made by the referee Lizondo C??rtez, but he assured that the cession of Manuel Pablo to Molina that ended in Cadiz's goal wasn't intentional: "I will not say anything about the referee because you already saw it. I think that it wasn't a cession since the player nor anyone in the team wanted to take advantage of that action."

Caparr??s also explained the reason why he sent Diego Trist??n during the second half: "We wanted to play with two references upfront (Arzimendi and Trist??n) because the conditions of the pitch didn't allow us to play with short passes, we were needing to act with long displacements."

V?ctor showed his indignation with the work done by Lizondo Cort?z:  "It's ridiculous to me the fact of been judging those kind of actions. We look like fortune tellers trying to guess what happened and it can't be on that way. What did C??diz do to deserve that goal? It's incredible."

Duscher saw a red card in the match, but the referee Lizondo Cort?z disallowed the call since he didn't notice before that the Argentinean wasn't booked previously, an action that the Madrilian winger criticised: "It's unbelievable that he was sending Duscher out without looking first if he was booked or not, he just showed the card because C??diz's players told him to do it."

Javier Arizmendi also had some criticism to Lizondo Cort?z's performance: "If the referees had played football before, he should know that those kind of actions aren't an intentional cession. With the pressure that the referee lived on this match, he has demonstrated to have a total lack of personality." The Madrilian striker also emphasised that this polemic play affected the final result of the game: "It was a tough game and we were able to find our style despite of the conditions on the pitch, but it was worthless because that decision conditioned the rest of the match."

Manuel Pablo, the responsible of the polemic action, also showed his disagree with the decision made by the referee: "Even the C??diz's players told me that it wasn't a cession. It was clear that the action was anything you want, but it wasn't what he indicated. If I have that capacity to control the ball, I am not in Deportivo, I am Ronaldinho!. Besides he sent me off for 'continuos protests' when I just asked twice about what he saw on that play."

H?ctor was only able to play 19 minutes since he felt some pain in one leg, he explained the situation: "I was feeling some pain and I had to ask for the substitution.? After the match it was know that his problem is in the biceps of his leg, further analysis will be made and it will determinate if he can play against Celta.

Francisco Molina was more direct judging the referee Lizondo Cort?s: "The referee was the one that decided the final result. I don't care about what you can see on the TV. I am indignant. That play was important for the course that the game followed. We were the ones affected with this. If I would have the minimal doubt, I would cleared the danger with my foot."

Joan Capdevila aggregated more wood to the fire with his criticism against the referee: "Manuel Pablo asked him for an explanation and he sent him off. It was clear that the game was out of his hands. He even showed a red card to Duscher when he didn’t have a yellow card, that tells you everything about the state of his nerves."

Iago Iglesias assured that the play in which he scored was something already prepared  during the training: "It just happened as we planned." The Fabril's youngster also showed his disappointment for the final result: "We had the three points in the pocket, but suddenly everything fall down and at the end , we only achieved a draw, a result that isn't fair taking in mind the rival's merits."

C??diz's coach, V?ctor Esp??rrago, was sad with the draw since it didn't help his squad to add the three necessary points in the quest for salvation: "Once again, we lost the opportunity to add three points, although the squad made a good effort during the entire match and despite the pitch’s conditions. Those three points were vital in order to continue with our hopes." Finally, Esp??rrago also said that the indication of the referee in the play that ended in the goal for his team was "a thing that depends in the judgment of each referee."

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