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15 Dec 2010
He didn’t give too many clues, but Lotina said that he is thinking in making changes ahead of the liga clash against Sporting Gijón, but always keeping the scheme with five defenders.

Deportivo returned to trainings on Tuesday’s morning, after the session coach Miguel Angel Lotina gave a press conference at Abegondo’s press room. The Basque man started explaining the situation with the players coming out from injuries, “Riki has spent one month without training, but is available, maybe not for the whole ninety minutes, but surely will be available. Andrés [Guardado] too. I don’t know yet if for the whole match, but is also available. With Juca things are slower, because he still missing match fitness and the idea is to have him back for January. He needs to be on shape.”  

Later he was asked for his feelings on the fact that Deportivo only has the case of Michel at the injury room of Deportivo, “These are very good news for us. Ultimately we have not been suffering injuries and our people are getting better; we will try to return to normal mode.”

Asked about the current situation of Depor after the defeat at the Vicente Calderón, Lotina said that, “Lately I don’t have complains on the team, but am aware of some specific issues that need to be improved, though I will reserve the comments for myself. The problem is that the victories cover some issues, and the defeats just uncover the truth. Since the day in Copa against Osasuna I don’t have any complain on the team.”

”I am worried about a lot of things, like the price of seafood in Christmas; I will love to see my team practicing good football, to see my players stealing the ball up front. I will like them to be like Barca. I am worried, because we are not stealing the ball, also because we are missing to define the plays, but I am not complaining. We are what we are and try to obtain the best from what we have. No matter we could have thirty points I would also see some issues that could be improved.” He added.

Then, the Meñaka-born coach announced that he will make modifications to the squad that will face Sporting Gijón at the Riazor, “Yes, yes, we will have changes. Until certain point is logic; not because we have lost the previous match, but because we have seen some things and a defeat is the straw that broke the camel.” The media believes that one f the possible changes is the presence of Rindarøy or Guardado at the left side of the defense, but Lotina didn’t want to confirm this, just that he will keep playing with a system of five defenders.  “There’s people training at the top and that are currently outside of the team, so we will have changes, but don’t know yet how many. The logical thing is to see us still playing with three central defenders, though sometimes I am not logic.” He said.

Finally, Lotina commented on the possible arrival of a striker during the winter window, ”I already sent the letter to the Magic Kings, but it hasn’t arrived yet, maybe the postman are on strike, just like the air traffic controllers [he laughed]… For now we are calm and just thinking of defeating Sporting on Saturday. Now is when things are shacking; I already received some warnings on the clubs that are signing strikers. About exits, I hope nobody will leave. If someone comes and pays the buyout clause, then the player will have to leave, but we are not valorizing any exit.”



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