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18 Dec 2010
Antonio Tomás and Urreta had a fight on the pitch of Abegondo after a tackle of the Uruguayan winger over the midfielder. The incident occurred in front of all the reporters. In the end both men were left out of the list for the clash with Sporting.

New fight inside Deportivo’s team; during Friday’s training session Jonathan Urreta and Antonio Tomás had a fight on the pitch and the incident left both men out of the game against Sporting Gijón, tough later Lotina denied that his decision of excluding them of the match is related to the incident.

Everything started during the training match that the players were having at the last stretch of the session at Abegondo, Urreta committed a couple of harsh tackles over the Cantabrian and the midfielder ended on the ground, then he quickly stand up and Antonio grabbed Urreta by the neck and then he throw him down to the ground

The fight only lasted a few seconds as immediately the rest of the players separated them (Riki, Morel and Lassad); then Lotina expelled Antonio Tomás from the training session and the Cantabrian went back to the locker room, while Urreta stayed on the pitch. And everything occurred in front of the reporters that were covering the last training of the team before the game with Sporting, for this reason there are several reporters on the incident and even a video presented by the Galician TV.

Later, it was reported that Antonio Tomás left Abegondo before everybody else, while the players involved in the fight were left out of the list for the home game with Sporting Gijón. Lotina was saying at the press room that the decision of leaving them out was taken before the incident.

“It is normal to have list fights inside the team, fortunately we didn’t have this in a long time. But it’s that we have a lot of players on here, we are playing training games of twelve men against twelve, so the space is reduced and nothing happens. The list of picked players was made before the incident and it has nothing to do with the fight. It was a normal thing, not like what happened four years ago [Aouate & Munúa], which was with both men colder and inside the changing room.” He said on this subject.

But the reporters didn’t “buy” the story of Lotina, to mention the fact that the club rushed the release of the list of picked players, this in order to give the impression that the decision was taken before the fight, but some reporters like Radio Galega journalist Gonzalo Soto said that it was a “cover up” for the fact that both men are suspended.

The club even tried to reinforce the position of the coach as one of the captains of the team, Juan Carlos Valerón, was sent to the press room in order to chill out the situation, “Right now we should leave behind this situation, and I´m sure that we won’t have further problems. You see these kinds of things from time to time, but this team knows how to fix these issues, so I am sure that we all are going to be friends again. We don’t like to see these things happening, but at the same time know that it could happen. We still have a good environment inside the locker room and we are professionals.” El Flaco said.

Despite it wasn’t the same thing as this was a minor case, Friday’s incident reminded of the conflicts had between former keepers Aouate and Munua or the punch that striker Sebastian Taborda gave to a reporter; all of this incidents occurred with Lotina on board.



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