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26 Dec 2010
Juan Rodriguez was the player with more minutes during 2010, while Riki was again the Pichichi of the team; Adrian and Guardado shared the first place in terms of goal assists.

Midfielder Juan Rodriguez turned to be the player with more minutes in la liga during 2010; the Andalusian added 3,078 minutes in 36 matches and also scored three goals. But the player with more liga games was Adrian, he took part of 37 of the 39 games disputed in the year though the Asturian only completed 2,671 minutes on the pitch.

The reason for this difference is that Juan Rodriguez was only replaced or was a substitute in three opportunities, while Adrian only completed the full ninety minutes in 16 of his 37 games on the period. As it could be expected, three of the five players with more minutes in the year are defenders: Lopo (3,014), Manuel Pablo (2,970) and Colotto (2,921).

In terms of goals scored, the Pichichi of the year 2010 is the same one of 2009: Riki. Despite the injuries that chased him the Madrilenian was able to score seven goals in liga plus adding one assist. Meanwhile, Adrian and Guardado added four assist in 2010r, which is the best mark on the year at Deportivo. Finally, to mention that Lopo was the most booked player in the period with ten yellows throughout the year.

The numbers of Deporís players during the 39 liga matches of 2010:


























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