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27 Dec 2010
With the year ending it is time to identify the most promising players at the youth teams of Deportivo; RCDLC.com scanned within Fabril and Cadete A and found out fourteen players that shinned in 2010.

The economic situation has pushed Deportivo to live in shadows and only aspiring to achieve the permanence at Primera División; the goal of president Lendoiro is to erase the debt as soon as possible and later and build up again a strong team for la liga competition, but no matter the kind of reinforcements that could arrive in the future the fact is that the project is now based in the young blood that’s growing up at the fields of Abegondo.

Now, with the year 2010 almost ending, RCDLC.com presents a list of the best players of Deportivo’s young teams and also a short description of their performance within the last twelve months; these fourteen youngsters represent the young blood that aspires to play someday for Depor’s first team, actually some of them already fulfilled the dream.

1- Diego Rivas: (23, goalkeeper, Fabril) The arrival of Felipe Ramos was menacing to block the career of this Ferrol-born goalkeeper, but in the end it only reinforced his dominance at the goal of Deportivo B. The Galician goalie had a solid year as he was the hero in the promotion playoff at Tercera División –he was the key in the penalty shootout against Burgos-

As a reward, Lotina picked Diego for the pre-season stage and taking advantage that Aranzubia was injured, in the end Diego debuted with the first team during the friendly game against FC Twente and even had the chance to dispute a penalty shootout. He later returned to the B squad of Deportivo and has been the starter in 16 of the 18 matches played so far, in some of them he was named as the best player on the game. Taking in mind that Manu ends his contract in June and that the Asturian has left some doubts with his performance, then it shouldn’t be a surprise if Diego Rivas ends up claiming the spot of second keeper at the first team for the coming season.

2- David Rochela Calvo: (20, central defender, Fabril) Considered as the face of Abegondo’s project there are high hopes on this youngster as he already passed through all the levels of Spain’s national squads, even disputing a FIFA U-17 World Cup final game. It was highly expected that the As Pontes-born central defender was going to be promot4ed to the first team for the present season, this after leading his team to the promotion to Segunda B.

But the overbooking at Depor’s defense blocked his progress; however he has managed to find a spot at the team as Lotina often prefers him rather than using international player Ze Castro. In this way Rochela debuted on the past season in la liga at Mestalla (April 24), and on the present liga campaign he already played with the team as he performed for 57 minutes during the visit to Real Sociedad. All of this at the age of 20. Despite not been tall (180 cm) he has been praised for his multifunctional skills, because he can perform as a central defender and also as a pivote at midfield. Surely the fans will see him soon at the centre of Depor’s defence.

3- Diego Seoane : (22, right/left-back defender, Fabril) On the season 2010/11 this Ourense-born defender is representing the player from Depor B with more minutes at the first team (766 minutes in la liga); mainly because Morel and Rindarøy haven’t found yet the needed adaptation to the club, besides Lotina has preferred Seoane to perform on the left side of the defense, especially after the switch to the system with five defenders.

The first part of 2010 was also solid for Seoane, because he was an important part on the promotion to Segunda B as he was the seventh players with more minutes on the Tercera season (2,000 minutes). The good thing is that he has proven to be a versatile player as he can perform at both sides of the defense. Lotina has said that prefers to use the right-footed player on the left, and despite some errors it can be said that Seoane has the potential to become a regular player at the first team of Deportivo.

4- Dionisio Emanuel Villalba ‘Dioni’ (21, striker, Fabril): It can’t be said that Dioni is a product of Abegondo, because he just arrived in June, but technically is a player of Fabril that’s making the big step in a short period of time. And it’s that during the pre-season stage he was already playing with the first team and even scored a goal –friendly match against Cardiff City-

And later he fulfilled the expectations with Depor B as he has scored seven goals in thirteen matches at Segunda División B, plus making four appearances at Primera División (128 minutes). His smell for the goal is precisely what Depor needs and should be an option to have in mind for the near future.

5- Juan Carlos Real Ruiz: (19, playmaker, Fabril) Perhaps the best mirror of Valerón at the youth teams of Deportivo, not only for his look and his name, but for his style of playing. He started at the club at Alevín B team and on the past season he was fulfilling his second year at Juvenil A, he ended up at Fabril completing 32 appearances at Tercera, scoring five goals and giving three assists.

And for the current campaign the Galician playmaker has been the guidance for Fabril with his passes, actually he was the only player of the team that had performed in all the games of the Segunda B season, until he got suspended for the latest visit to CD Leganés. He already scored twice on the liga season and together with Chirri he´s the best assistor at the team (3 assists); surely the big candidate to follow the steps of Valerón for the coming years.

6- Pablo Ínsua Blanco: (17, central defender, Fabril) Perhaps the biggest revelation on the current season; everyone was expecting to see Uxio giving a step forward from Juvenil A to Depor B, but in the end it was Arzua-born Ínsua who made the step. Last season he completed 23 appearances with Juvenil B and debuted with Juvenil A as he played three games at División de Honor.

Therefore it was expected that this was going to be his confirmation season at Juvenil A, but surprisingly he jumped the division and went directly to Depor B taking advantage of the injuries and the presence of Rochela with the first team. Perhaps he was chosen because he is a physical defender with a big presence on the pitch. Often he has been described as a solid central defender, but it’s also true that he needs to improve as he has committed errors that have cost some points. To mention that he was linked with Manchester City, but Lendoiro rushed the things as the player signed a multi-year contract that will keep him at Depor for at least three years. He could be reaching the first squad in two or three seasons.

7- Uxio Marcos Nores: (17, central defender, Juvenil A) The fact that Ínsua took the chance from the hands of this Ourense-born defender doesn’t mean that he already lost the war, actually Uxio has more international experience as he already performed for Spain’s U-17 squad, more specifically Uxio was part of the team that earned the second place in the last UEFA U-17 European tournament.

Described as an intelligent player that knows how to cut the game of the rival, Uxio joined Insua at Juvenil B during the past season and completed 26 appearances in liga, now he has been promoted to Juvenil A and just played nine games there, because he has been picked by Ramallo in order to be on the bench, this due to the casualties had at Depor B. The Galician defender already played three times at Segunda B. The interesting fact is that Uxio is the first player that completes the cycle at Abegondo as in 2003 he started at the minor team of the club, Alevín B, and seven years later he was debuting for Depor B (Feb 28, at Somozas). In a few years Uxio could become into the first player that makes the full process from Alevín B to Deportivo’s first team.

8- Iago Beceiro Pereiro: (17, striker/left-winger, Juvenil A) The second player that completed the cycle of Abegondo, he started in 2003 at Alevín B and just seven years later was already debuting with Deportivo B (he debuted at the B squad in the same game than Uxio, but the defender was a starter in the match, while Iago entered during the second half, therefore their debuts are only separated by minutes). The true is that Iago is used to perform with older players as he was always an advanced student that has made a fast progress. He was promoted at the age of 16 to Juvenil A and was used as a left winger; still he was able to score five goals at División de Honor.

Then he was picked to Spain’s U-17 squad and for the present season this Galician attacker has exploded as he has scored nine goals with Juvenil A and also giving two assists. Ramallo already picked him for a couple of games with Depor B and dazzled everybody as he scored a sensational goal in the 4-4 draw against RSD Alcala. And in the last game against Leganes he entered in the second half to make a wonderful solo-play that didn’t end in goal just for a great save of the keeper; definitely, a striker to have in mind for the coming years.

9- Alex Perez: (19, striker, Juvenil A) Not too much has been written about him, but Alex has been the top-scorer at all the teams where he has played. Two years ago he was the Pichichi at Juvenil B with 19 goals scored in 28 matches, then for the season 2009/10 he was promoted to Juvenil A and again was the leading force in attack adding 14 goals in 26 presentations.

This is his second year at Juvenil A and still breaking the nets, currently the Galician striker has scored 10 goals in 15 matches at División de Honor. Besides, Alex Pérez already played with Spain’s U-16 squad and if he continues like this he will surely reach the B squad of Deportivo for the coming season

10- Alvaro Lemos Collazo: (17, striker, Juvenil A) A multifunctional striker that has been at Deportivo since Infantiles; he had a great year and his positive streak is coming from 2009. And it’s that on the season 2008/09 he scored 21 goals in 32 matches for Cadete A, then he was supposed to be promoted to Juvenil B, but instead he spent more time at Juvenil A, scoring 6 goals in 14 matches, a significant number considering that at the time he was only 16.

For the present season Lemos was moved on a permanent basis to Juvenil A and the fact is that he has had a slow start as he has only conquered 3 goals in 16 games, but the true is that he has been used in different positions, from second striker to winger, and should be an option for Fabril in the coming years.

11- Tomás Pérez Rodriguez: (17, right-back, Juvenil A) Another player that could be completing the cycle at Abegondo as he started in 2003 playing for Alevín B; seven years later he was performing at Juvenil B and now is close to reach Fabril’s squad. Described as a solid defender at the right side, this A Coruña-born youngster has been giving small but solid steps as each year he has been promoted to the upper team.

Three seasons ago he was at Cadete A, on the past season he was at Juvenil B and this is his first season at Juvenil A. In one or two seasons he should be at Fabril and perhaps will even reach the first team. Tomás visited the Riazor for the first time during the 2-0 win over RCD Espanyol, he was one more fan at the stands, it was the result that gave the liga title to the Galicians and he even confessed that he jumped to the grass to celebrate. And in a few years he could be jumping again to the pitch of the Riazor, but on this occasion to defend the shirt of Deportivo.

12- David Gomez Vazquez: (16, goalkeeper, Juvenil A) This young keeper called the attention of everybody as he was training with the first squad at the start of this season, this since Aranzubia was injured and as Lotina was informed of the progress of the boy, so he wanted to reward the young goalie with some sessions alongside the first team players. The journalists that cover the trainings of the team were surprised to see him working with Depor’s senior team as he is only 16.

But David isn’t a surprise for the coaching staff of the club; and it’s that he has been the starting keeper at all the squads where he has played, two seasons ago he was the starting choice at Cadete A, for the past season he was promoted to Juvenil B, and on the present campaign, despite his age and that he was supposed to stay at Juvenil B, David has been the starting keeper in 11 of the 16 matches disputed by Juvenil A at División de Honor. His performance also called the attention of Ginés Meléndez, the U-17 coach of Spain, who already picked him for a week of trainings in Madrid.

13- Denis López Real: (16, striker, Juvenil B) This young striker has lived a sensational year; on the past season he was the top-scorer of Cadete A with the incredible number of 31 goals scored in 29 matches, for the present season he was promoted to Juvenil B, and his scoring streak has continued as he has added seven goals to his tally after just ten matches.

In September and together with keeper David, Denis was picked by coach Ginés Meléndez for a couple of training sessions with the U-17 Spanish squad, which should demonstrate that he is among the best strikers at his age. In two seasons he could be promoted to Fabril, something that won’t surprise anyone if he continues with his current run against the opposite goal.

14- Daniel Iglesias: (15, striker, Cadete A) Perhaps the most in-form striker currently at the youth teams of Deportivo. On the current campaign Dani Iglesias has been on fire and has scored 19 goals in 14 matches with Cadete A, including a hat-trick against Orillamar one week ago.

But this streak isn’t new, as on the past season he alternated between Cadete B and Cadete A squad scoring twenty goals between both teams, and on the season 2008/09 he was the Pichichi of Cadete B with another twenty goals in twenty-nine liga matches, definitely Dani, Denis, Lemos and Iago Beceiro are the four main hopes in the future of a Deportivo that’s having big problems to score the goals at Primera División.



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