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28 Dec 2010
Right-back Manuel Pablo talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and analysed the year thatís ending; he is conscious that it was a bad year for Deportivo and hopes that things will be better in 2011.

Q: The year just had a bit of everything, good and bad moments, what is your overall feeling?
A: The year hasnít been good, but regular and maybe close to bad, because the second round we did last season wasnít good and the beginning of this campaign has also been bad. But we managed to recover and now enjoy a situation that maybe looks better, because things were tough and it seemed that things were quite complicated. Now we have left the red zone, but neither can we rest.

Q: Used for years to the top places at the standings, is Depor finally learning to suffer?
A: Yes, weīve spent a few years when we know that we canít aspire to the Champions League, but we've always been there, fighting with mid-table teams and have always been above them. What happens is that this year things have started very badly, we've seen ourselves in a complicated situation, and now those lost points would have put us higher.

Q: Is the Copa an option to re-excite the fans?
A: The Copa is always a very nice tournament for any player, you know that if you are lucky with the draw and if you do a nice job, then you can reach the quarterfinals or the semifinals, and itís something that all players want to play. But the escape is in la liga, because everybody knows that it is the most important thing for any club, to not suffer, to not be at the bottom positions. That is the key to any team.

Q: What do you want in 2011 for your team?
A: To not have major problems, that at the end of the season we wonít be doing numbers, that's all we ask.

Q:  How do you deal with the duties ordered by Eduardo Dominguez? [physical training during the holidays]
A: We must be very careful. The physical coaches are always over us, always giving you work plans. I love Nougats and Polvorones [A Christmas desert in Spain] then you have to train.

Q: Are you fulfilling the plan?
A: I, perhaps, not the part of the trainings, but I play football with friends or paddle. But maybe I will run, which is more boring, yes I practice other sports.

Q: Be careful and donít get injured!
A: If you're going to get injured, you can do it even running.

Q: Are you counting the games that remain in order to renew for another season?
A: Itís one thing that is signed, but I've been saying throughout the season that what matters is the performance. Although you are not able to play those games, you can be happy as well.

Q: Are you worried, as captain of the team, about the large number of tea mates, seven, that are ending contract at the end of the season?
A: I know that many people are ending contract and just hope they can solve some cases. To keep all of them is difficult, but the more they stay, the better. This is a great group and we know each other from long ago. 

Q: Do you see Valerůn at the locker room or at the office for next season?
A: Surely he will be my team mate. I trust he will be fine; he loves football and I donít see him in another function than playing on the pitch.

Q: What message would you send to the fans ahead of the reaming games in all the competitions?
A: That we will try to pull this thing off. That we wonít allow to make them suffer much more, we know that we have lost many points at home, place where we have been worse against teams from our league, it is where we failed and we hope to start winning the home games.



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