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29 Dec 2010
Diego Colotto earned his second player of the month award thanks to his solid work in the games against Hércules and Sporting Gijón; the Argentine is also leading the race for RCDLC.com player of the year award.

On December Deportivo played three matches in liga and one in Copa Del Rey, but the peña members of RCDLC.com only voted for two matches: against Hércules and Sporting Gijón; and Diego Colotto was the leading force as he was chosen as the best player in the first game and later in the second encounter he was selected as the third best Depor’s man on the pitch.

Against Hércules, Depor played a solid game in defence and clinched an important clean sheet that in the end was the key to conquer a narrow 1-0 victory, the defensive work of Colotto impressed everybody, while Ruben Pérez earned the second place thanks to his performance at midfield; winger Urreta was third in the list and Lassad earned a bonus as he was the one that scored the winning goal.

Then, against Sporting Gijón, the big surprise at the starting lineup was the presence of Valerón, and El Flaco pleased all the peña members thanks to his passing skills, reason why he got the man of the match award; two of the three central defenders at the lineup ended second and third in the preferences of the Peña members (Lopo and Colotto).

Ratings on the month:

Vs Hercules (liga, 7/12/10)
1st. Colotto - 10 pts (20)
2nd. Ruben Perez - 6 pts (12)
3rd. Urreta - 2 (8)
PB: Lassad
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Sporting (liga, 19/12/10)
1st. Valeron - 10 pts (15)
2nd. Lopo - 6 pts (6)
3rd. Colotto - 2 pts (2)
PB: None
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Overall table: Colotto still leading the race for the RCDLC.com player of the year award; and now the Argentine has a comfortable fifteen-point advantage over the second place, which surprisingly is newcomer Ruben Pérez; third place is Guardado, while the other two central defenders, Aythami and  Lopo, are trying to enter into the top three positions.

Overall Table
1st. Colotto - 50 pts 
2nd. Ruben Perez - 35 pts
3rd. Guardado - 20 pts
4th. Aythami - 17 pts
5th. Lopo - 16 pts
6th. Riki - 11 pts
7th. Manu - 10 pts
7th. Valeron - 10 pts
9th. Adrian - 9 pts
9th. Laure - 9 pts
11th. Lassad - 8 pts
12th. Aranzubia - 7 pts
12th. Desma - 7 pts
12th. Urreta - 7 pts
15th. Seoane - 3 pts
15th. Tomas - 3 pts
17th. Juan Rodriguez - 1 pt.
17th. Morel - 1 pt.




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