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31 Dec 2010
After the rumours pointing out that he wanted to leave, Paraguayan Claudio Morel says that he wants to stay at Depor, actually the side defenders is targeting to recover the starting place that he had at the start of the liga season.

Paraguayan Claudio Morel talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and his first declaration was to deny that he wants to leave, “I don’t know from where it came the rumour that I want to leave. The idea of leaving isn’t passing through my head. I just returned from my vacations and now want to work at the top, and later to wait for an opportunity and get back a place at the starting eleven.”

”I want to fulfill my contract, there’s no doubt on that. But it doesn’t depend only on me, because we must see if the coach counts with me, also if the club wants to see me fulfilling the contract. But as it for me, I want to stay.” The left-back added.

On previous reports it was speculated that the 32-year-old defender was wishing to leave Deportivo because he didn’t feel fine at the club and neither his family, but now he explains the status of his relatives, ”My wife and my two kids are finally on here with me. The older one had to end the school in Argentina and that’s the reason why they weren’t on here with me. But now they are at my house and everybody is happy.”

Morel was a starter in the first five liga matchdays, but later a knee injury plus some personal problems sidelined him from the starting squad, now he hopes to regain a place at the squad of Lotina, “I spent some days with that knee problem, but thank God I am already fine and am available for the coach . I will keep working until I can have a new opportunity. As soon as I get some minutes I will try to seize the chance in order to regain a place as a starter.”

It has been commented that one of the problems is that left-back defender Morel can’t play in a scheme with five defenders, but the player himself denied it, actually he said to be used to perform with this system, ”I had several coaches that liked to play with this system, and I also like it. To be honest I have played with all the systems and anywhere: central defender, fullback, winback, side defender…”



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