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05 Jan 2011
It was a rumour that appeared at the end of 2010, and now Urreta himself has admitted that he wants to leave. According to the winger it is because he isn’t having the minutes that he wants, and also because he doesn’t feel comfortable at the club.

Jonathan Urreta wants to leave Deportivo, it is something announced by his agent in December, and that the player confirmed on Tuesday after the training session. He was asked about the rumour that was linking him with a move to Uruguayan club Peñarol, and the winger admitted it.

“I am a fan of Peñarol and always would live to return there. The true is that I am not happy on here, I only had a few minutes and what everybody loves is to play. Besides, I still have time to succeed in Europe after leaving this club. If you leave to your country been old then people might end whistling you. I already had patience at other clubs, but no matter is bad luck or other circumstances, I am not playing the minutes that I want.” He said to reporters.

Later, the Uruguayan tried to shade his previous comments saying that he won’t have any problem in case that his exit isn’t concreted, “It’s good to know that there are people counting on you and I repeat that I am a fan of Peñarol, and always will want to play there, but right now I am a player of Deportivo and it is the club in which I’m focused. It is not that I am not content, but that for different circumstances I am not having minutes and sometimes the best thing is a change.”

Some minutes later, coach Miguel Angel Lotina was asked of the issue when he was giving a press conference previous to the clash in Copa, the Basque man said that, “There’s a club and there’s a contract. We must have in mind what the player says and thinks, but also the contract. Until the club doesn’t inform me about anything I won’t talk of it, because it would only disturb the situation.”

Urreta arrived to La Coruña on June 21st, 2010 after the club announced a loan operation with Portuguese club Benfica, a loan that lasts until June of this year and that includes a buyout option valued in  €15 million. In order to allow his exit, Lendoiro will surely ask for a monetary compensation as the player doesn’t want to fulfill his contract, plus the fact that Depor paid €400,000 for the loan; therefore it won’t be easy to see he going to Peñarol.

Also to remember that Urreta had a fight with midfielder Antonio Tomas in the previous training to the liga match with Sporting Gijón, another reason that could be marking the decision of the Uruguayan winger.



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