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07 Jan 2011
The papers applauded the great game of Valerón and Adrian, but at the same time criticized the approach of Lotina and the passive attitude of the Galician team during big part of the encounter.

La Opinión A Coruña: Adrian on fire. The game was developed with a lack of tension improper of this round in Copa del Rey, and that caused too many inaccuracies with the ball during the first half, and also some defensive mismatches due to the little help gave to the defenders by both, Antonio Tomas and Juan Rodríguez, plus Pablo Alvarez. In the second half, with the entry of Adrian, things significantly improved and Valerón found a companion with whom he could take advantage of his passes. And that was the reason that caused the final victory. The key was the entry of Adrian. But Depor continues to have defensive mismatches, neither Rochela nor Zé Castro can make us forget Lopo and Aythami. Both were too soft. We must highlight the work of Morel before his injury, Adrian, who continues on fire, and also the game of Valerón, especially the second part, because in the first he was disappeared, but was fundamental in the comeback of Deportivo. Javier Bardanca

La Voz de Galicia: Adrian and Valerón solve the test of Córdoba. The night of the Magic Kings brought suffering. Deportivo La Coruna had to decide the tie with Cordoba in overtime, thanks to an early gift not of the Magic Kings, but of Jonathan Sesma in a naive penalty, allowing the Blanquiazul squad to reach the extra-time, just when it was already eliminated by the goal of Arteaga seconds earlier. Then, in the extra-time, Valerón reminded everyone that he still is a quality player as he completed a great pass to Adrian, who scored for the second time to overthrow the rival from Segunda Division. The Asturian completed his hat-trick with a dubious penalty committed over Seoane in the last minute of the extra-time. It also helped that Cordoba, in addition, besides giving away the penalty, it was left with ten players on the fiend before the end of the regular time.

But the Galician team reaches the quarter-finals of Copa Del Rey after a gray performance. After a first part at least with a certain pace, Depor completed a mediocre second half and was at the mercy of Cordoba. Since joining the game, Pepe Díaz rounded the goal of the elimination. After a resounding failure of Antonio Tomás, he almost scored with a shot that hit Ze Castro first and that passed close to the net.

Then, he left the ball pass and it reached Arteaga inside the area, and he took advantage of the distraction maneuver to score in front of Manu. A goal that was eliminating Deportivo. After the goal, however, the Galician team could do what seemed unable to do in 90 minutes. Valerón attempted with his left foot and it hit the base of the post and, seconds later, Jonathan Sesma gave the possibility of the equalizer with an absurd hand during a cross to the far post. Adrian coolly scored the goal. The Asturian, substitute at the beginning, had the chance to resolve the tie shortly after he replaced Dioni. Valerón offered another of his magic passes and launched the run of Adrian against goalkeeper Alberto, but he demonstrated that he isn’t Makaay. It was the best chance for a mediocre Deportivo, especially in the second half.

AS: Sesma gives a hand to Valerón. Yesterday, Deportivo received three gifts of the Magic Kings. The first was a silly and childish hand of Jonathan Sesma at minutes 90 that gave to Lotina’s men the chance of the extra-time, just when Cordoba was already tasting the qualification. The other gift was to see Valerón in his pure essence. The Wizard of Arguineguín gave a recital of real vision and football that reminded his best version. Maybe something slow, okay, but yesterday he showed in 120 minutes that he still has a lot of things to offer.

The third Magic King was Adrian, who didn’t hesitate in both penalties and was able to define the goal that put Deportivo into the quarter-finals, of course, after a great pass from Valerón. The Asturian is living a sweet moment, with his hat-trick he now has five goals in two games and on Saturday his team plays against Barca, exactly the rival against whom he scored his first goal at Primera. Guardiola is shaking!

 If Riazor had gifts to spare, for Córdoba there was only carbon. Perfect approach by Alcaraz, a goal five minutes before the final whistle that was putting his team in quarterfinals. .. and they are going back home. Sesma will remember that hand, and Cordoba, a nice cup that could was much more. Luis De La Cruz

Marca: Adrian fixed the mess of Lotina. . Neither Melchior, nor Caspar, not Balthasar, this time the Wise Man in La Coruña was Adrian Lopez. The young striker saved the Galician team and gave the pass to the quarterfinals after leaving Cordoba on the street (3-1). The system with five defenders of Lotina,, the low contribution of the local attackers, the imprecise crosses of Morel and the goal of Arteaga in the dying moments of the match were insufficient to stop the Asturian attacker, who scored three goals and took advantage of the genius game that Valerón still has on his boots.

The two coaches planed a clash at the Riazor thinking of the next league games and ended up causing unnecessary strain on his men, something they could end paying against Barcelona for the Galicians and against Ponferradina for the Andalusians. The rotations were the headline at the beginning, and in the end the starters had to play the last part of the clash in order to fight for a series that was open until the end.

Lucas Alcaraz's approach could be understood. Cordoba is playing the permanence at liga Adelante and the Copa is a prize for them, but the tactic of Lotina doesn’t have forgiveness. With a favorable score in the first-leg, before his fans and against a lower level team, he fielded five defenders to seal the pass. It is true that Morel and Laure performed as full-backs and ran all over the sides in countless opportunities, but in the end they are just defenders.

The Galicians had control over the game, but Juan Rodriguez was the only one that had some criteria, because Valerón reserved his interventions for the extra-time, Morel sent out all of his crosses, Pablo Álvarez didn’t give any problem to Alberto and Dioni didn’t match the expectations. Thus, the attempts from the Andalusian midfielder were the only occasions in which the visiting keeper had to work. In the second half, Lotina was right as he allowed the entry of Adrian. On this opportunity the Basque knew how to read the game and put his most in-form player on the pitch, so the striker fixed the mess that the coach mounted before.  Pablo Egea

El Día de Córdoba: The hand of the demon. With the ticket to quarterfinals inside the pocket, everything went wrong. Deportivo reacted and Valerón hit the post after a combination with Juan Rodríguez. Immediately, a temporary insanity of Sesma allowed a foolish penalty and Adrian didn’t fail despite the effort of Alberto. To make matters worse, Tena saw a red card for hunting Valerón from behind.
In this way Córdoba began the extra-time with one less man and a defense worthy of study: youngster Fernández on the right, De Coz and Beobide as central defenders, while Jonathan was on the left. At the expense of an oasis in the desert of Pepe Diaz, there was no other way than to suffer and waste all the time in the world in order to hold on to the charity of the penalty shootout. Desmarets wasted a free-kick at the edge of the area, and Seoane a juicy ball on the left side. Then Valerón appeared, the tap dancer with boots: the Arguineguín-born man gave two straight passes to Adrian, who broke the equity with suspense.

Despite everything, Córdoba just needed one more goal to advance, but Álvarez Izquierdo didn’t watch a foul over Belem, but another penalty of Alberto over Seoane after a new pass from Valerón. Adrian scored his hat-trick and sealed the Blanquiverde elimination, which is more painful as the quarterfinals were so close. Raul Diaz



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