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11 Jan 2011
Eight players plus the coach of Deportivo are now free to negotiate with other clubs as their contracts end in June; so far nobody has been approached about an extension of their contracts.

The summer could be very busy for president Augusto César Lendoiro, because eight players at the first team are ending contract, without forgetting that Lotina is also ending his contract in June. The players living this situation are Adrian, Antonio Tomas, Manu, Lopo, Juan Rodriguez, Juca, Manuel Pablo and Desmarets.

Usually the subject of the coach is the first one negotiated by the president, but within the last three seasons the one-year contract of Lotina has always been negotiated in March, and this time it seems that things will be the same. The agent of the coach is Iñaki Ibáñez and he told to La Voz De Galicia that until this day there’s nothing, “Each year we talk of the subject during the second round of la liga, and so far we haven’t talked yet.”

A lot has been written about the relationship of the president with Eugenio Botas, the agent that took Piscu to the Premiership, he is also the agent of three players ending contract in June: Adrian, Antonio Tomas and Manu. None of them have been contacted yet, and rumours appoint that Valencia is interested in Adrian, while Sporting was thinking of Manu and Racing of Antonio Tomas –their origin clubs-

The three of them are free to negotiate with other clubs, this since FIFA stipulates that any player has the right to negotiate his future within the six previous months to the end of his contract. In the case of Adrian, he arrived to Depor when he was 18, and was inscribed as a B team player, which means that Depor can use a clause negotiated with the players association (AFE) that allows any club to automatically extend the contract in one more year, for this they just need to inform the AFE and also the liga authorities.

Depor used that clause in the case of Piscu, but the player refused and decided to go to England. In the case of Adrian, the player has said that he would respect the decision if the club decides to seize the clause. However, it could be a tempting choice for other Spanish clubs, because the deal with the AFE also stipulates that after using the clause, any club from Spain has the right to sign the player if it pays a compensation of €1.5 million, which could be seen as a bargain taking in mind the recent performance of the Asturian attacker.

Veterans Lopo and Juan Rodriguez are other tempting choices for other clubs; the agent of the central defender is the same of Lotina, Iñaki Ibáñez, and he has said that nobody has called him in order to negotiate the renewal of the Catalan. Neither the Andalusian midfielder has been approached for this subject.

Juca is willing to stay, but hasn’t been contacted by the club. Recently the Brazilian told to La Voz de Galicia that, “There’s nothing, but I don’t want to think of it. I am just worried of been playing during these months, to demonstrate on the pitch the reason why I was signed and later do the merits in order to stay.”

Finally, Manuel Pablo and Desmarets won’t be approached by Lendoiro, because they already negotiated the option to stay for one additional season, and that depends on the number of matches that they could play on the current campaign. The Canarian side defender needs 25 official matches, and so far he already fulfilled 16, while the French winger needs to perform in 50% of the official games on the season, so far he is exactly fulfilling the mark as he has taken part in 11 of the 22 official games disputed on the campaign.



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