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28 Jan 2011
Andrés Guardado has suffered a relapse from his muscular injury that might end delaying his comeback in another three weeks; the player travelled to Barcelona in order to pass new medical scans and now the club says that nothing is happening.

Definitely the bad luck still chasing Andrés Guardado, the Mexican joined the normal trainings on the past week after stepping off for a month as he sustained a grade one muscular injury on his left thigh, but a few days ago he felt weird sensations on the same region during the training sessions. It occurred as he was running on the pitch as part of the warming exercises.

The curious thing is that the club never made public this new problem. Instead they preferred to make new tests secretly. The result of the scan was that the player suffered a muscle edema, which could mean that he could have sustained a new tear in a muscle of his left thigh. The club’s doctors weren’t sure about the extension of the damage and decided to take the case to two specialist in Catalonia: doctors Ramón Balius and Miquel Ángel Cos.

The club tried to be cautious and didn’t release any information about the trip of the player, instead website canaldeportivo.com was just informing about “control tests” in order to evaluate the progress of the player. It was expected that Guardado was going to be ready to reappear for the visit to Getafe FC, but some sources like newspaper La Voz de Galicia were speculating that the new problem was going to delay his comeback for another three weeks, 

But late on Thursday, canaldeportivo.com presented a statement in which it was informed that the doctors in Catalonia didn’t detect any further damage on the left tight of the player, and also that both doctors believe that the feelings had by the player during the trainings were “normal” due to zone of the leg where he sustained the first injury.

Therefore the press release from the club explained that the Mexican player will continue with his recovery process, but it didn’t want to confirm if he is going to be fit for the game against Getafe, so the mystery will remain, at least until next week. Guardado has had countless muscular problems on this season, for this reason the left winger has only disputed 483 minutes on the liga season.  Now, the only thing for sure is that he will be off for the upcoming clash against Sevilla FC.

At least the club informed that Manuel Pablo is already recovered from the ankle knock suffered in the past game against Zaragoza. It was feared the Canarian was going to miss the clash with Sevilla, but on Thursday the player was already fine.



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