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30 Jan 2011
In a quick operation, Deportivo is close to sign Argentine striker José Sand. He would come loaned until June in a deal that could include a buyout option. However, there are other two names over the desk: Xisco and Javito.

Lotina finally seems close to get the striker that he was wishing for; and the “goal-scorer” could not arrive alone as the club seems to be targeting other reinforcements. The situation is confusing at this point as three names have been mentioned, and the one that seems closer is Argentine José Gustavo Sand. The operation was negotiated on Thursday’s night, just hours after Monterrey FC refused to allow the exit of De Nigris, the Mexican attacker that was the first option for Lendoiro.

The deal has been negotiated in a hurry as the former club of Sand, CD Lanús, was trying to allow the return of the forward to the Argentine league; in the end Depor was faster and closed the negotiating with Arabian club Al Ain S.C.C. It is a loan lasting until June of the present year and that will cost €500,000 to the Galicians. Depor will also have a buyout option for €3 million, which could be fulfilled during the summer, and if the option is not used, then Deportivo will be extra charged with another €500,000. Right now the only pending subject is the signing of the striker.

Sand is 30-year-old, and was signed by Al Ain after impressing at Argentine club Lanús as he scored 50 goals in 67 matches within the years 2007 and 2009, actually he was the top-scorer in Argentina during the Torneo Apertura 2008 & Torneo Clausura 2009. Before that, he played for River Plate, Banfield and Colón. Then he was linking with Depor, but moved on to Al Ain as the club from the United Arab Emirates paid $10 million (€7.35 million) for him.

He scored the impressive number of 44 goals in 46 matches with the Arabian side, but was having problems with Brazilian coach Alexandre Gallo, reason why he was searching for the door out. Al Ain was close to allow his return to Lanus, but then Depor appeared in the picture. The true is that Sand was hoping to return to Argentina, something that he explained in a letter that he wrote to the fans of the Argentine club and that was published by Argentine Sportpaper Olé.

In the letter the Bella-Vista born striker wrote that, “Depor is an important step forward in my career, but it’s also disappointing as I was expecting to join Lanús again, but they gave me an ultimatum and I couldn’t say no. This was a hard week for me, because I had the feeling I was going back. I rejected two or three offers for it, because I was hoping to return to Lanús and join the team mates that made me happy. But these things happen in football. They said it was this or nothing, so I made my decision. But I don’t know when, maybe at my 33, 34 or 35, but the plan is to return and retire at Lanús.”

About Deportivo, Sand said that, ”I already saw in Internet the players that compose the squad, and felt relieved when I saw that we have Colotto and Morel over there. I also saw the calendar: After Sevilla we face Getafe and Villarreal. Besides, we must play against Barcelona at the Camp Nou and Real Madrid at home.”

In a previous interview, he explained why he decided to leave Al Ain, “The coach took me out of the team and the president reclaimed for it. They didn’t know what to do to correct the mistake and they asked me to stay, but I made my choice. They said that would allow my exit due to my good behavior and now I am ready to leave.”

The operation isn’t official yet, because the club will wait until Sand signs his contract. The arrival of the Argentine player to La Coruña is expected for this day. But from there the big doubts appear, because during Saturday Radio Cadena Ser and Sportpaper Marca wrote that Depor already had an agreement with striker Francisco Jiménez Tejada ‘Xisco’ (24, Newcastle United) and right winger Franisco Javier Peral Periane ‘Javito’ (27, Aris Thessaloniki FC).

It was informed that both would be zero-cost transfers, but the media in Galicia is doubting if the club will sign the three players at the same time, meanly because it would mean to allow the exit of at least one player, which in any case could be Urreta, who already said that wants to return to Uruguay.

And to make things more mysterious, president Augusto Cesar Lendoiro didn’t clarify anything after the game with Sevilla, he first told to reporters that, “There’s no way we can make three signings”, but later he said that, ”We are trying to complete a three-in-one operation; we are trying to bring the striker, and will be pending on the subject during Sunday, today it isn’t the day to talk of it.”



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