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08 Feb 2011
After the disaster at Getafe, there is the strong rumour about an ultimatum over Lotina for the next clash against Villarreal. Also, the fans are starting to lose the patience with the players.

The latest performance of Deportivo in la liga has raised the alarm bells at Plaza de Pontevedra; Deportivo is now only one point above the abysm, but is also giving signs of fatigue. The biggest concern is the impression left by the team during the away matches. Last week’s optimism after the club completed three signings for the attacking line was erased with a stroke of a pen after the disastrous match against Getafe.

And president Augusto César Lendoiro is taking note of it; during the weekend Radio Galega informed about a possible ”ultimatum” over coach Miguel Ángel Lotina  in case his team loses against Villarreal on Sunday (Riazor, 19h00 CET).

Later, the same source informed later that it wasn’t possible to confirm the existence of this ultimatum, because the internal sources at the club didn’t want to talk of the issue, but it confirmed that Lendoiro had a long conversation with Lotina during Sunday, and that in the conversation Depor’s boss transmitted a message of concern for the recent presentations of the team in la liga.

It also calls the attention that Lendoiro appeared on Sunday at Depor Sport talking of the situation of the team, and it’s that the president never speaks out after an away game, but this time he did it. “The current situation is worrying and we must be united; we witnessed an important lack of effectiveness in defense and the players must have a commitment with the club as we are living a delicate moment.” were his words.

All of this invites to think that there’s a tense situation inside the club, caused by the latest results and by the poor performance of the team. And the centre of the concern is Lotina. But it isn’t the first time in which the Basque coach lives a situation like this; actually it would be the third time in which he faces a similar pressure for a home game.

And the true is that Lotina has brilliantly surpassed the previous two occasions in which he has faced this pressure; in his first season in La Coruña he was under a big pressure as his team was hosting Real Valladolid at the Riazor (January 26, 2008), and his team achieved a convincing 3-1 win that was later the base for the resurrection of Deportivo in la liga.

On the present season the Meñaka-born trainer faced a similar situation after a poor start in the local competition, and it was rumoured that he could be fired if his team would have lost against RCD Espanyol (matchday 09), and again the coach surpassed this low moment with a convincing 3-0 win over the Catalans. Now, it could be the third ultimatum to Lotina, the second on the present season.

If this pressure isn’t enough, the public is starting to lose the patience; and the first ones to explode were the Riazor Blues. On Sunday’s morning the group wrote some messages at the external walls of the Riazor (“Ze Castro out now, go to a giant club”, “respect our shield” and “out of the clubs the players without attitude”)  the messages were criticizing the attitude of the players in recent matches.

Later, on its webpage, the Riazor Blues confirmed that they were the ones that wrote the messages and that the reason was because they were tired of the excuses in the press conferences to later see the players demotivated and doing nothing in the matches. All the criticism was towards the players and not a single word was written on Lotina. Anyhow, all of this is adding more pressure for the coming game against Villarreal.

After the defeat at Getafe, Lotina was hardly criticized by the newspapers for not using any of the three new signings at the starting team, it caused surprise to see Javito at the stands as he was one of the two discards before the kick-off and as he was previously praised by the coach by his skills, but the true is that winger was sidelined because the club was still missing his international transfer. Since October of the past year the European clubs use a system called TMS (transfer matching system), which creates a certificate called CTI (International Transfer Certificate), a legal document that’s the main requirement to inscribe a player.

By Wednesday, the club received the CTI’s of Sand and Xisco, but it was still missing the one of Javito. Then the club contacted FIFA and informed of the delay, and on Friday FIFA sent a response saying that it was going to fine Aris for not sending the papers on time. In the end the CTI of Javito was received until yesterday.

The weird thing is that the club’s officials never informed about this problem, instead the delegate, Juan Ángel Barros Botana, told to reporters on Saturday that the reason why Javito was out of the game was just a tactical issue of the coach, later on Sunday the club changed the speech as Francisco Dopico explained the issue to reporters.



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