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18 Feb 2011
Javito talked to reporters and explained what’s true and not regarding the problem with his transfer; it was said before that all was caused by a data error, now the winger explains that the real reason was the money.

The transfer of Francisco Javier Peral Periane ‘Javito’ hasn’t arrived yet to Deportivo’s headquarters, and the newspapers are starting to ask if it will arrive before the end of the season. At the beginning it was said that the problem was that the information provided to FIFA by both Aris Thessaloniki and Deportivo showed a discrepancy.

But on Wednesday Javito himself talked to reporters and explained the real cause of the problem, “Aris told me that they sent the papers, but that the transfer arrived late because they were waiting to receive a part of the payment. It was after the deadline and that’s the reason for the delay. The inscription was made when the deadline had already expired, and that’s why they have to check it, and surely there are other cases before mine, so it will take some time.”

The player also said that he feels impotent regarding this case, “It is a situation that surprises me and is getting longer. At Depor they ask me to remain calmed and that things are slow when FIFA is at middle. I feel helpless, because I can’t do anything, I'm hoping it will arrive, but until it happen I can’t play. I am eager to debut, but until we don’t have the piece of paper there is nothing I can do.”

“I have faith that it will be resolved on this week, but I thought the same last week. I think it will arrive, but it will take some time, though the club is working to get it as soon as possible. I joined Depor because I wanted to debut in la liga. If I have to wait two months then I will have less time to adapt to the pace of the competition and will play less. Despite I am training what I need is to play games.” He added.



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