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22 Feb 2011
All the newspapers were relating the incredible goal of Aranzubia at the last minute, but they were also remembering that before Depor made a terrible match, something that is now normal when the team plays away from home.

La Opinión A Coruńa More shadows than lights. Yesterday, Deportivo showed the clothes of the visitor. The Galician side, with the same scheme and the same starting eleven that faced Villarreal, showed the other face, the one of the away team that lowers its performance playing away from home. In the first half, and with the 4-3-1-2, the team played without wingers and the approach didn’t work. The team looked aimlessly. Lotina modified the scheme at minute 25, putting Adrian at the right wing. The Asturian striker was disappeared until that point and was now more involved in the game. The team had more attacking moves, but there was no danger or clear opportunities.

The second half began with an early goal from Almeria, the result of a misunderstanding at midfield. Lotina tried to give more depth with the changes, but he didn’t succeed. It just came at the end when Almeria locked itself at the back and Deportivo tried through the direct game. In those minutes the team had the attitude that was missed in the rest of the game. It was then when Aranzubia achieved the miraculous draw. Javier Bardanca

La Voz De Galicia: Aranzubia is worth his weight in gold. The Riojano, the best man of Deportivo in a gray match, not only blocked three goals with his saves. Moreover, he scored a miraculous goal at minute 94 as he headed a corner when the time was over and when the defeat seemed inevitable. Pablo Álvarez threw it and Aranzubia won the jump to Alves to tie the game. All of this after 90 minutes of the worst version of the Galician team when it plays away from the Riazor. The goalkeeper's goal, which serves to pay the debt that history  had with Depor after Songo'o goal in Soria, was useful to avoid the fourth defeat in as many duels with Almeria.

Until that moment Deportivo was a wasteland; the same team that brought pride, effort and ability to earn a win against a Champions League team seemed meek and impotent in Almeria. The Galician team again suffered at defense against Piatti’s talent, the physical presence of Ulloa and the mobility of Uche, and was a wasteland in attack, with Alves only making one save, Riki was lost and the debut of Sand was inconsequential.

The first half erased in an instant the recovered sensations against Villarreal. Despite the four midfielders, Depor was barely able to treat the ball with respect, or to put pressure over Almeria, a team that enjoyed for the fourth time of the amenities offered by the rival, comfortable within its lines and knowledgeable of its weaknesses. For Depor, whenever Piatti gathers the ball between the lines it seems as if Messi is in front of them, nobody can stop the Argentine. If it was it for Aranzubia the game wouldn’t have a greater story. The goalkeeper made two great saves against Ulloa and Piatti.

Without wingers and with Juan Dominguez unable to bring his game between the lines, Depor didn’t show any trace of improving after the break. Then the inevitable goal of Almeria occurred. Lotina moved his bench (Sand, Lassad and Pablo Alvarez entered) and Almeria gave a step backwards. Deportivo had more ball possession, but barely created danger. Manuel Pablo was the one who was closer. Pablo Álvarez overflowed a few times and launched a couple of dangerous crosses into Almeria’s area. Lopo was the central attacker and the scale of the defeat was given by the fact that Aranzubia was joining the attack for the last two corners. The goalkeeper, who saved his team before from a bigger defeat, got the goal in the second corner and in the end is recovering a point that may be worth the permanence.  M. Pińeiro

Xornal de Galicia: Almeria was already celebrating the victory when Aranzubia's head appeared to send the ball into the net of Diego Alves. It was the last play of the game and it brought a valuable draw for Deportivo. The players of Lotina celebrated with madness, after all they had achieved a very important point. Not only for what it's worth at the standings, but for the mental effect brought in by the keeper of Deportivo. A goal that rounded the great performance of the keeper. In fact, he was the best man of the match. Thanks to his saves Depor didn’t return home with more goals conceded. And it’s that Lotina's team made again a bad game playing away from home and leaving a poor impression. Monica Martínez

AS: Football is written by heroes and is enlarged by great and unique moments, photographs enclosing all the epic and beauty of this modern Roman circus. Aranzubia, the boy who disputed the throne of Casillas as he lifted the World Cup U-20, was the absolute protagonist at the Mediterráneo. Made up at Athletic, Deportivo’s goalkeeper carved his name into the book that hides the history of la liga. Been aseptic, baring his action, looking at the skeleton, his goal is a milestone. No goalie had managed to score through a header after 80 liga tournaments. Then it comes the ornaments, which brings that epic-heroic aroma. In desperation, in a corner kick at minute 95...

Many people remembered that goal of Sevilla’s Palop against Shakhtar in Ukraine. In A Coruna many were smiling remembering that Songo'o did it at Los Pajaritos, but Perez Lasa whistled a foul and it didn’t count. From Chilavert to Nacho Gonzalez, passing through Toni Prats... There are some examples of goalkeepers scoring at Primera, but none like Aranzubia.

 It seems that nothing remains of the 94 minutes that preceded the goalkeeper’s goal. But before there was a match that we need to remember. Depor was too quiet and let Almeria to take an absolute control of the ball. Aranzubia was able to stop Ulloa and Uche, but ended up succumbing to Piatti. The little boy scored a great goal, which would have been to the best of the matchday if it was it for the one scored by Aranzubia minutes later. His volley from outside the area was pure art. But Almeria forgets again that the games last 90 minutes and more. Félix Godoy

Marca: Almeria had the victory inside its pocket with a great goal of Piatti. A work of art that he sent into the top-corner. But in the scene planned by Almeria there was no room for what happened at minute 95. Aranzubia desperately sought to finish a corner. The goalkeeper scored like he is a real number '9 'and with an accurate header he gave the tie to Deportivo.

The Andalusians will pull their hair, because a victory would have given them a boost at the standings. And now they are leaving this match morally affected. Oltra’s men missed the victory over a direct rival that may cost them. Deportivo saved a point in a miraculous way and should be more alert to clinch the permanence. Because it offered a poor impression on the pitch of los Juegos del Mediterráneo. Something habitual when Los Blanquiazules play away from home. Lotina’s men lacked ideas and hardly gave trouble to Diego Alves.

 Aranzubia went into attack and tried to finish a corner with desperation. It was the minute 95. The goalkeeper headed the ball at the box before a dubious exit from Diego Alves and he achieved the equalizer. His header reminded of the one made by Andres Palop against Shakhtar Donetsk. It was a punishment for the conformism of Almeria after achieving its narrow advantage. Diego Acedo

El Pais: Aranzubia scores an historic goal. When he thinks of the feelings that offer the job of goalkeeper, Dani Aranzubia should be regretted that his job means a short glory, that a great save is not perpetuated in any statistics, that the rewards and appraisals are almost always only valorized inside the changing room. Savior so many times since his arrival to Deportivo three and half years ago, yesterday he turned to be decisive once again, but for once he did it at both areas. First keeping his team alive in a match that was disastrous, then he rescued it at the stoppage time, on the last action of the match, with a goal, the first goal scored through a header by a goalkeeper at the Spanish league, an important and fortune reward that punished Almeria, side that deserved to win, but that also saw how its course changed with the advantage on the scoresheet. The Andalusian squad went from dominant to being dominated and gave life to a rival without arguments, so few that it was necessary to see the goalkeeper scoring the goal.

Aranzubia’s goal clouds everything else, even the wonderful goal of Piatti, a jewel, a player that some have compared to Messi. He isn’t, but sometimes it looks like him. He has imagination and ideas, values that are lacked at the clubs involved in the fight for the permanence, always cramped by the hurries and mediocrity. Piatti moved across the front of the area and caused a mess at the back zone of Deportivo. It was only stopped by his body, which was extinguished after an hour of playing. Before, he had enough time to force a yellow card for Lopo, a warning that could have been something else, because the defender corrected an inaccuracy of Antonio Tomás. Later he scored a great goal, with a volley that he placed at the top-corner. Yes, the goal would have been signed by the most inspired Messi.

Without direction and overflowed, Deportivo suffered a lot for several minutes before a team at the relegation zone, a squad that have already defeated the Galicians in three opportunities on this season. Lotina repeated the plan that helped him against Villarreal as he put four midfielders on the pitch, but he found out that so many people at midfield did not give him the ball possession, because at least three of them, Ruben Perez, Juan Rodríguez and Antonio Tomás, were more concerned about resting than adding things. Juan L. Cudeiro

El Diario de Almeria: The last straw. There was no other way for Almeria than to win yesterday’s match. Los Rojiblancos needed the points to catch up the bunch of teams that roam the vicinity of the relegation zone, also to win the goal-average to a direct rival and to demonstrate that its stadium is no longer the bargain for the visitors as it was shown in the first round of the tournament.
And it turned to be the last straw, an action that kills the morale of any army, a move that may be the beginning of the end. After four unwarranted minutes in the stoppage time, goalkeeper Aranzubia scored the 1-1. Seeing is believing. Almeria’s self-esteem exploded as a glass when it crashes into the ground and left the impression that, unfortunately, Almeria is soon going to realize that it hasn’t assessed what it has had for four years. Pablo Laynez



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