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23 Feb 2011
Today, Lotina said that if Depor defeats Real Madrid, then the permanence will be secured. He also told to reporters that Guardado and Sand might be starters in the game.

Depor’s trainer gave the usual press conference at the start of the week, despite the medical reports were saying that Manuel Pablo could be missing the game against Real Madrid due to a hamstring problem, he wasn’t too worked about it, “I don’t think the problem is too important, but we will wait to see the scans on Thursday.”

Later the Basque coach commented that Guardado and Sand might be starters on Saturday, “We will see how Guardado trains during tomorrow’s session, later I will talk to him and we will see if he’s ready to play since the beginning. It is probable. He’s an important player and brings quality, character... we have always counted with him and is one of our indisputable starters. Maybe Sand will play from the beginning; I have to think of it. I'm not saying he will, but have to watch the trainings. He is a player that gives a better impression during the normal competition than during the trainings, it’s not that he trains badly, but that offers more things on the official games, it happens to many strikers. The other day he brought a lot of things.”

The Meñaka-born trainer even said that he is thinking in a new switch in the system, “On the past Sunday we already made a switch. We started playing as against Villarreal, but were losing the ball possession, we had no fluency and at defense we were in disadvantage at important areas. I corrected a bit the idea and we tried to play a little more squared in a sense of a 4-2-3-1, beyond the 4-3-1-2 that we used the day of Villarreal, which worked out due to the characteristics of the rival and because we were very focused."

Regarding the past game at Almeria, Lotina was numbering the good things that he saw during the ninety minutes, “There were three important things: after the 1-0, the team was still tidy and they didn’t score the second, if so the goal of Aranzubia would had not existed, secondly, the team showed some class and was trying to go out for the result, maybe without football, but went into attack; and third, those who went out from the bench had a very good attitude. You can’t always play well though you want it, but there are other good things."

Then Lotina talked of Real Madrid and said that a win would be very important for the club, "The numbers say that it’s a very difficult rival to beat, but also that it doesn’t win all the games. In these cases I always say the same thing and we just need to change the phrase from it’s possible, but difficult, to it’s very difficult, but possible. This is not the Super Depor, but I can tell you that if we beat Real Madrid, then we will surely achieve the permanence.”

"Today [against Lyon] they are playing with three men at the centre of the pitch, but against us they will do as they are doing in liga, the analysis of today’s game in terms of the draw is not useful for much, but will be good in terms of how they play. They still dangerous with Özil, Cristiano and the forward that will play. I like the most the football of Barça, but this Madrid is different. I find it hard to beat, with the potential to win it all, it’s well worked, very talented; you know how they play and can win any competition."

Finally, Lotina said that he won’t make rotations as on next Wednesday the team has to visit Osasuna in Pamplona, "We will play with the best and we won’t think now of Osasuna. I have hopes of defeating Real Madrid. They've lost in Pamplona, Almeria tied with them... winning on here is the permanence; if we do it then we are saved, by points, for the self-esteem and for other many reasons.”



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