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23 Feb 2011
Daniel Aranzubia has been one of the most commented persons on earth since Sunday; all thanks to his historic goal. And it is normal, after all he is just the sixth keeper that scores a goal after 80 years at the Spanish la liga.

Until Sunday only six goalkeepers were able to score a goal at the Spanish la liga; the first one was Antonio Pérez as he scored for Castellón during the season 1943/44 through a penalty kick. Santamaria did the same with Racing Santander on the campaign 1975/76, while the keeper that has scored more goals is Argentine Carlos Alberto Fenoy as he scored six times playing for Celta and Valladolid within the years 1976 and 1985, all of them from the penalty spot.

More recently, José Luis Chilavert scored a penalty goal with Zaragoza during the season 1989/90; ten years later Toni Prats scored twice with Real Betis through direct free-kicks, and the last one to score a goal was Las Palmas’ Nacho Gónzalez on the season 2000/01, also through a penalty.

In the end, twelve goals scored by goalkeepers, ten from the penalty spot and two in direct free-kicks, and Daniel Aranzubia joined the club on Sunday as he scored the thirteen goal of a goalkeeper playing for la liga, and it was special as it was the first one conquered through a header and after throwing a corner-kick.

Therefore, it was a double novelty; perhaps that’s the reason why the play has had so many repercussions in the world. The goal has been repeated many times on television, while the newspapers have taken advantage of the occasion to release several special articles and interviews with the ex-Athletic Bilbao man, who was in Madrid on Monday attending to a keeper’s training course organized by the Spanish federation, while other papers were remembering the other keepers that have scored goals in official competitions.

But Aranzubia wasn’t the first Spanish keeper that scores a goal through a header, because Sevilla’s Palop did it against Shaktar during the UEFA Cup in 2007, a goal that was highly important as it meant an equalizer that gave the pass to the Andalusians. Later they ended clinching the title.

It also remembered the play of Jacques Songo’o during the season 1999/2000; Deportivo was losing at Los Pajaritos against Numancia CF (0-1), it was the last minute of the game and the Cameroonian keeper tried to head the ball during the last corner of the match, he was fortunate to score the goal, but referee Pérez Lasa invalidated the goal as he thought that, before connecting with the ball, Songo’o committed a foul over local keeper Urroz, but the true is that the goal should have counted as Songo’o never touched him, and actually the goalie fell down because he collided with a defender of Numancia.

Songo’o himself was interviewed by La Voz de Galicia and was even joking of the goal scored by Aranzubia, “I thought it was a joke when they told me. What? Do the keepers at Deportivo still trying to score a goal on these days? [he laughed]. But his goal counted and mine doesn’t. His goal meant a point and mine doesn’t. His goal is adding a point and mine doesn’t. That’s the difference [he laughed]”



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