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02 May 2006
The red card that Fabricio Coloccini saw in the derby was his third expulsion during the present season, a fact that has worried the fans and Depor's coaches. Now the Argentinean defender talks with newspaper <i>La Voz</i> about this issue. He also expressed his expectations for the next season and his desire of ending the season as soon as possible.

Q: It's annoying to know that this is your third red card during this season?
A: It's really annoying and you still pissed off for some days, specially for your team mates. But this is the things that happens in football and it isn't necessary to think too much about it.

Q: For your team mates? Did somebody asked you for explanations in the locker room?
A: No, it isn't necessary. They know that it wasn't my intention. I would never ask for explanations if something like this happens with somebody else. It's better to think in the future. Until there's a mathematical possibility, we will fight for the UEFA cup.

Q: By the way, this look like a difficult possibility, there's only a small margin, maybe trough the Intertoto...
A: It's a good option too, only one round and that motivates you.

Q: But your vacations would be shorter.
A: Don't believe that this fact disturb us a lot. There will not be too much difference.

Q: But in your case maybe, you still have to go to the World Cup.
A: It isn’t sure yet. Although it's probable since I was called up recently. But I insist, I don't care to expend the summer without vacations.

Q: Will Pekerman leave you out of the list for your recent expulsions?
A: The coach see your performance in the club, but he will not change his mind just for a couple of circumstances.

Q: And about your desire of leaving the club? was that also a circumstantial issue?
A: I thought about that possibility, but it  was because I am trying to fight for a place in the World Cup, and in that particular moment I wasn't playing with the team. It was a logical decision, I would have more chances to fight for that spot in another place.

Q: But now you are playing. Do you still want to leave?
A: No. Once the World Cup is over, everything will be different. Everything will be fine. There aren't objectives in the short term and I still have a contract for the five years with Deportivo. I want to continue.
Q: Maybe some fans don't understand this things.
A: It depends. If we are talking of a player that doesn't put his soul on the pitch, someone that doesn't fight for the World Cup, it will be normal to see the fans pissed off. But in the opposite case, there's nothing to reclaim to the player. I fight for each ball like it was it the last one...

Q: You don't need to remind us that... we saw it in the derby.
A: Well, it affected me on this occasion.

Q: With the experience you have, it seems that sometimes you are missing some calm.
A: Yes, maybe. This last tackle was a thing that I could avoid.

Q: But you didn't.
A: What happened is that the blood was going very fast into my head, we were losing the derby, the game was ending and I wanted to arrive to the rival's area as soon as possible.

Q: Did you talked with Caparr??s?
A: Yes, I said the same to him. In fact, there wasn't any problem, because when he called me, I said that he was right. I recognised my error, so there wasn't anything else to talk.

Q; What are the aspirations of Deportivo for the next season?
A: It would depend on the planning.

Q: Will we see the same results of the present season during the next campaign?
A: That depends on the club, they will establish the objectives. They could assembly a team in order to be fighting at the top, to fight for a UEFA spot or in other case, to avoid the descend. We only have to accomplish the objectives.

Q: How do you enter into a project like this after been in AC Milan?
A: With responsibility.

Q: Is this a step down?
A: Anything after Milan is a step down. But I know what we have and what we can achieve. For the moment we have to play against Espanyol once again, and I think that it will be similar to the game in copa del rey.

Q: Don't you think that the best thing that can happen is to end the season for once?
A: Yes please, our season must end as soon as possible.

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