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01 Mar 2011
Lotina is pending on the status of Ruben Pérez and Seoane, while Valerón will be out of action for one month. Also, a cold temperature is waiting in Pamplona, a match that it is decisive in the quest for the permanence.

The returns of Michel, Riki and Guardado presaged that the situation at the injury room was going to be “normal” after a season full of injury problems, but coach Miguel Ángel Lotina has found out that the curse continues as new players are falling victims of the physical problems.

For the game against Almeria it was striker Xisco, who sustained a groin strain injury in the last training session before the trip to Andalusia –he will be out until the end of the month- and for the past match with Real Madrid the new victims were Canarians Manuel Pablo and Valerón (both hamstring strain).

The case of El Flaco was confirmed on Monday’s morning, and the doctors expect that he will be out of action for a full month. It means that Lotina will have to face the whole month of March without Xisco, Valerón and Manuel Pablo. This last player is the most sensitive case as he was the starting choice for the right-back position.

To make things worse, on Monday it was confirmed that midfielder Rubén Pérez is dragging a knock on the foot from the match against Real Madrid. It isn’t a serious problem, but since Depor plays tomorrow at the Reyno de Navarra (20h00 CET), it seems too soon for the Andalusian player, which means that he could be rested for next Monday’s match against Real Sociedad.

Another player with problems is Diego Seoane; the right-back defender of Fabril should be part of the first team during March as Manuel Pablo is out, but on Monday he didn’t take part of the training due to a problem on the Gastrocnemius muscle (back part of the lower leg). Like the case of Ruben Pérez, it isn’t a serious problem, but the proximity of Osasuna’ game might discard him for the clash.

In the end Lotina might end facing the match with five casualties; and it isn’t a normal game, because Osasuna is a direct rival lying just two points below the Galicians; therefore a positive result is very important for Deportivo in its quest for the permanence.

At Osasuna, the main concern is the weather conditions, on Monday the team was unable to train at the training pitch of El Tajonar due to the snow, therefore the players had to work at the gym. The predicted temperature for Wednesday is between 7 °C and 0 °C, which means that a cold night will be waiting for Deportivo at the Reyno de Navarra.

About injury cases, there are three confirmed casualties for the match against Deportivo; the first is midfielder Roberto López ‘Rúper’, who is already discarded for the rest of the season due to knee problem. Striker Carlos Aranda will also miss the clash due to an adductor problem, while defender Oier Sanjurjo suffered a nose fracture during a training session before last game with UD Levante.



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