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15 Mar 2011
The comments after the game were mainly related to the red card saw by Pablo Álvarez; for Lotina it was an injustice, while the player was blaming himself. At Espanyol, everybody thinks that it was a fair result.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was not happy at all with the result and specially with the performance of referee Paradas Romero, who sent off Pablo Álvarez during the first half, “The referee committed too many mistakes and has influenced in the result. Since we played for 45 minutes with one less man everything has changed and things were complicated for us. Espanyol could have won the game, because it plays well, but what happened was unfair.”

“Today, Espanyol had a lot of help. There was an injustice on the pitch. Both fouls of Pablo Álvarez didn’t deserve the yellow card, and later there was a hand of Verdú that deserved the second yellow and that meant the expulsion. It can’t be that any little foul would mean a yellow card for a Primera club living our current situation.” He added.

About the game, the Basque man was saying that, “They were playing with a defensive line that was performing in an advance position, and our objective was to see Adrian finding the long balls. We were putting pressure up front and before the expulsion they never created problems to us. In the first half we stole the ball in many times, but didn’t reach their area.”

Finally, Lotina was explaining the reason why he decided to play with Desmarets as a starter, “The idea was to exploit the game on the wings and favour the skills of Adrian. We thought that, as the game was passing, we were going to have more opportunities. Besides, we had more alternatives on the bench.” 

Playmaker Michel agreed with Lotina and was saying that the performance of the referee influenced in the final result, “It isn’t normal that the referee will book you at the first foul. He should allow the players to play a little more. He was too hurried and the red card turned to be decisive. We wanted to play, but the expulsion marked the match.”

The Valencian player also said that the guilty one for the defeat isn’t a single player, but the whole squad, “When we win or lose it is something of the whole group. After ending with ten men Espanyol dominated midfielder territory they knew how to read the game. Now we must forget tins game as soon as possible, we must turn the page and think of the next game, which is the match against Levante.”

Dani Aranzubia also joined the list of complains, “The referees have a different criteria. We all want to see performances like the one of Mateu Lahoz, who allows the players to play more. Paradas goes in the opposite direction, because he cuts the game and everything was a foul for him. There were only three fouls on the first half, one meant a yellow for Verdú and the other two were the cards for Pablo. Neither it’s an excuse as the team completed a poor performance.  “

“We were carrying with a good streak of results and were relying on achieving a good result, but it wasn’t possible. In the first part it looked like the team had the situation under control, and things got complicated after the expulsion. We knew that it was necessary to defend, but never expected to allow a quick goal in the second part. Despite staying five points above the danger the true is that things are tight at the bottom of the table.” The goalkeeper added.

Pablo Álvarez also talked to reporters and was blaming himself for the expulsion, “I am the one to blame for the expulsion. I can’t give the chance to the referee about sending me off, so the blame is on me. I can’t leave the team with only ten men. The red card hammered the group. Without it, maybe, the result would have been different.”

Later, the winger was explaining the actions that cost him the yellow cards, “In both plays I was trying to reach the ball, but the true is that I shouldn’t have committed the fouls, because I gave the referee the chance to send me off. It was a bad evening for me. It was a good opportunity for me in order to demonstrate a few things.”

At Espanyol, meanwhile, coach Mauricio Pochettino was denying that the referees were favourable to his team after the expulsion of Pablo Alvarez, “Whatever the coach of Deportivo says it is respectful, but I believe that we were very superior and that our victory was fair. I never excused our situation with the performance of the referees; they already have a lot of problems. I just would love to see the expulsion again to judge whether it deserves a card or not.”

“There was a team that assumed the risk, and we played between the lines, with automatic plays and the reward is well deserved. The rival just limited itself to play through long balls and was waiting for our errors. Anyway, I will follow my script. We are going now to Malaga in order to make a good game. I still thinking in making the right things and later we will see if we achieve our goals or not.” He added.

Ivan Alonso was one of the heroes in the game as he came out from the bench to score the first goal, “You must learn to wait for the chance and seize the minutes that the coach gives to you; I was willing to play. The ideal thing is to give everything when you are on the pitch, and also when you are supporting your team mates at the bench.”

Finally, ex-Depor Joan Verdú was denying the comments of Lotina about the fact that he should have been sent off, “That Lotina said that I should have been booked for handling the ball? I don’t think so. Maybe he was talking of a foul over Antonio [Tomas], because I don’t remember any hand. Anyway, this victory brings confidence to us. We were superior and deserved the three points. Now we have 43 points, and nobody can take from us the dream of ending the season at the top places.”





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