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19 Mar 2011
The Galician club is finally making some moves ahead of next season; during the week it was confirmed that Deportivo is negotiating the extension of the loan contract with Valencia FC for playmaker Michel.

The permanence at Primera División is not yet secured, neither the name of next season’s coach; those two main reasons have delayed the moves of president Lendoiro regarding the composition of the squad ahead of the season 2010/2011. There are several players ending contract and Depor’s boss has only closed the renewal of a couple of them (Aranzubia and Riki).

But now he is finally starting to make some moves, the first one is to try to extend the loan deal of playmaker Miguel Alfonso Javaloyas ‘Michel’. During the week Sportpaper Marca informed that the Galician club was eager to negotiate with Valencia FC, a couple of days later the agent of the player confirmed the news, and on Thursday it was Michel himself who was accepting the issue.

"The club has told me that they are interested in one more year, and I am glad to hear it. When they told I celebrated it with my family. It's an honour that, after been out for the half of the season, a club like Deportivo, with all its history, is willing to give me one more year. I won’t bother if I stay for another year" He told reporters during a press conference held at Abegondo’s press room.

But the player is also aware that his continuity at Deportivo will depend of other issues occurring at Valencia FC, starting with the possible exit of coach Unai Emery, “There are a lot of factors influencing on this, if we have a change of coach or not, if new players are signed, if others leave… the bosses are the ones who have to decide.”

"There has to be an agreement between the clubs, but right now I'm thinking of having a good end of season. On second thought, I haven’t earned the renewal for another year. I know I've been half a year out, injured, and now I'm trying to get my best form. I know I can still give much more to the team and the fans. I must give everything in this season finale. My agents told me that they will take care of it. That I should do my best and that I should forget about the subject. I must be focused on my football and help the club that bet on me." He finalized



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