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04 May 2006
Iago Iglesias has impressed with his lately performance with the first squad, the youngster arrived in the summer of 2004 and since then, he started a meteoric ascend. Since some weeks ago, Lendoiro has been trying to sign a prolongation in his contract, and now Depor's president has finally fulfilled the operation. Iago will continue in Depor until the year 2008.

Iago Iglesias has played 600 minutes during 10 matches in Primera, he was one of the solutions that Caparr??s has proved in order to cover the long-term injury of Valer??n. The results were very positive and the Galician player even scored two goals with the first squad.

Coach Joaqu?n Caparr??s is happy with Iago's performance, he has declared in the past weeks that his renovation would be positive news for the club, and now his desire is becoming into reality. The new contract of Iago ends in June of 2008 and maintains his condition of amateur, but a special clause has been included, if Iago plays ten matches with the first squad, he will become automatically a professional player an member of the first squad. It's the same clause included in the latest contract signed with Iv??n Carril, and it’s a demonstration of the confidence that the club has on the youngster.

The 22-year-old player said after the signing that he is living a dream come true: "This has been the dream of my life, I want to wear this shirt. Is the only one that makes me feel like a real player." The contract was signed with the presence of the legal advisor of Deportivo, Luis S??nchez Doporto. Iago also wanted to give the thanks to his team mates in Fabril: "I want to give thanks to the Fabril's boys, they received me really well when I arrived. Then I want to give the thanks to the first team's members and the coaches, because they trusted in me."

President Lendoiro also expressed his happiness for the new deal, and he also denied that the youngster didn't play against Espanyol for this reason: "The club has always renovated injured players, is was the case of Ram??n. We also signed players when they didn't fulfil specific objectives like a certain number of played matches, this was the case of Donato... The player was simply sick after the trip and he wasn't able to play against Espanyol."

The renovation of Iago means that Deportivo has secured the continuity of the three main promises of Fabril: Iv??n Carril (2009), Xisco (2010) and now Iago (2008). A clear demonstration that Lendoiro trust in Deportivo B, the so called third way.

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