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26 Mar 2011
On Friday everybody was expecting for a final resolution on the case of Javito, but the TAS didn’t decide anything, and actually it was known that the final decision will last another three weeks, which means that he will at least miss two more games.

The drama for Francisco Javier Peral ‘Periane Javito’ continues; yesterday everybody was expecting for a final resolution by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS). This since Friday was the deadline for this instance in order to release the verdict, but in the end nothing came out.

Later a reporter from Radio Cadena COPE, Marco Antonio Sande, made contact with employees from the TAS and he was informed that the case will be resolved in three weeks (April 22). This means that Javito will at least miss the games with RCD Mallorca and Malaga FC. The winger could also miss the match against Racing Santander, but it will depend on the strike planned by the clubs in Spain, which could move the calendar in one week.

Javito already missed eight matches after signing for Deportivo: at Getafe, Vs. Villarreal, at UD Almeria, Vs. Real Madrid, at Osasuna, Vs. Real Sociedad, at RCD Espanyol and Vs. Levante UD. So, the ex-Barca player will only have the chance to participate in the last seven liga meetings, this in case the strike in la liga moves the calendar in one week, otherwise he will only have the chance to play six games with Depor.

 The original problem still related to his failed transfer. FIFA initially rejected the operation due to two reasons: the fact that the information in the transfer matching system (TMS) was introduced one day after the deadline, and the second was that there was a contradiction in the information as his former club Aris FC reported that the operation was a transfer, while Depor informed that it was a loan.

Then the FIFA Players' Status Committee took the case and it lasted one and a half month to analyze it, and the final decision came out at the middle of this month. Unfortunately for Deportivo and Javito the instance rejected the case arguing that the player was ending contract with Aris FC in June of 2011 and that for this reason it isn’t legal to accept a loan operation as Depor informed previously.

If the Committee would have accepted the operation, then Javito would have been available for the past match against RCD Espanyol. But since the operation was rejected the only way to appeal the case is through the TAS, which is an international arbitration body set up to settle disputes related to sports. Now the player will have to remain patient for another three weeks.



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