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30 Mar 2011
Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Monday’s evening and talked of different subjects; he explained the state of his players and also said that there’s no excuse for the previous poor presentations of his team.

Miguel Ángel Lotina gave a 14-minute press conference during Monday’s evening; it was a sincere conversation with reporters in which Depor’s coach said that almost all of his players are fit to play, and he also denied that the physical tireness is a factor affecting the results of the team in la liga.

He started saying that the free weekend was useful for his men, “Well, the players are fresher. They spent the weekend with the family, something that, sometimes, we can’t afford. In that sense there’s a big joy. Also, we were coming after a series of games with a lot of anxiety and now the team is feeling fresher.”

Later the Basque man explained the situation with the players coming out from an injury, “In the beginning we are recovering Xisco, Valerón… and Riki. They will normally train on this week. Laure and… Rubén Pérez didn’t train during the whole session, because I avoid it, but they should complete tomorrow’s session, so in the beginning we count with everybody. The only one with problems is Desmarets, he has a meniscus problem. Tomorrow he will pass some scans. We don’t know yet what he has.”

Questioned about the fact that Andrés Guardado is playing with Mexico’s national team, Depor’s trainer said that, “I want to see Andrés at the top; what I don’t want is to see him arriving tired, injured or even dead. We are playing for our life and we need him. It’s good to see him playing with Mexico, but the most important thing is the club. I want to see him playing with Mexico, but neither want to see him playing two games of ninety minutes and then making a long trip to end playing on Saturday.”

Asked about the strike in la liga planned by the Primera and Segunda clubs, Lotina didn’t want to give his opinion, “I don’t know what will happen. We don’t think of it, we just think of playing. We will see what happens. I can’t say too much, because there’s other people that can say more things about it. We just think in playing.”

A reporter asked about the fact that on the past week the coach insisted in a more combinative game during the training sessions, and he answered that, “The training on the past week was good, but what happens is that we still anxious, for that reason we are losing the ball too many times. We want to see the team feeling more comfortable having the ball possession.”

Then Lotina assured that the last stretch in liga will be complicated, but also fun to play, “I have told the players that we still have nine games, and that those games are pretty. Last year the last nine games were boring, but not now, at this point we need to demonstrate that we are a team from Primera. We have a lot of pressure, but these games are pretty.”

The most interesting part came when a reporter asked about the comments of Michel on the past week about the fact that the team is feeling tired at this point of the season, the Meñaka-born trainer said that, “In football there are several factors, when things go wrong the rumors start to flow, and then the rumors turn into big things. In the week of Villarreal some reporters phoned me to ask why we were training with a low physical charge, now it turns that’s the charge is high. So, we can’t fail on this, we can’t be giving excuses.”

“During the week of the game against Levante the players were fine, on Wednesday everybody was fine, on Thursday we worked at the Zona Fit gym, and on Saturday they told that they were fine. Then Levante comes on Sunday and bets us easily, and before admitting that they gave us a lesson we search for excuses. Later they say that the colour of my tie dizzies them. We must assume our responsibility. So, if any player is tired, then they should tell me, as Guardado did the day before of Espanyol’s game. When we win everybody is fine, when we lose the problems show up. That’s the reality of always.” He added.

Finally, Lotina was explaining why the fans should attend to the Riazor for the game against Mallorca, “For the umpteenth time: the fans are always with us and we never had a problem with them. But we need them now, because this is the most crucial moment. Depor has spent twenty years at Primera and that fact can’t be paid with money. To see a city of La Coruña with 200,000 inhabitants and playing at the best league in the world is something that nobody can pay. And I think that it deserves the effort. If not, let’s ask Vigo, Granada or Logroño. So I think we need the effort of everybody. Just for that reason we need the sacrifice of everybody, it’s the only way to have again Madrid and Barcelona here on next year.”



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