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02 Apr 2011
Striker Xisco has impressed Lotina during the trainings and it seems that the Majorcan will be a striker against his homeland team. In the end Lotina could be playing with three strikers at the starting eleven.

Big competence at Abegondo; with almost all the players available for Sunday’s game, Lotina has plenty of choices to build up his starting eleven. The main doubts are at the playmaking function and the striker’s role as there are seven candidates for two places.

But on Thursday one of those doubts could have been cleared, because Francisco Jimenez Tejada ‘Xisco’ confirmed the positive sensations that he is giving to the coach. During the training session Lotina once again emphasized the shots on target, he divided the team in three groups, the first two played a training game, while the other, mainly composed by the strikers, were releasing crossed and shooting on target.

And the player that scored more goals during those exercises was Xisco, even Lotina commented with his assistants the good moment lived by the striker, who just joined the team during the past week after been out for some weeks with a groin problem.

Deportivo is the worst scorer with only 23 goals in favour on the Primera season and Lotina hopes that the returns of Xisco and Riki, who is also fit to play after surpassing an adductor injury, will bring more consistency to his attack.

On Friday, Xisco talked to reporters and said to be fine, “I am feeling well, at one hundred percent. The injury is on the past. Right now I am only one more player wanting to help the team, so I am available for the coach. I hope to score a goal, because it is my job. But the main thing is to see the team playing well, convincing the public, so we all could be content.”

Later he was commenting the importance of the meeting against RCD Mallorca, ”It is an important game, a match to avoid more complications in our life. But it isn’t a final because if we lose then we will still have more liga and hope. But yes, we aren’t thinking of losing. Actually, we are all convinced that the game with Mallorca is a turning point in which we will mark a trend then we could forget of relegation.”

It has been commented that Lotina could end playing with three strikers at the starting eleven, which means to put Adrian on the right wing, Lassad on the playmaker’s role and Xisco up front, always with Guardado on the left. And the coach will still have the alternatives of Riki and Sand on the bench.

This is just one of the decisions that Lotina will have to take on Saturday’s morning, because with twenty-four men available at the first team, at least six will remain out for the clash. And he still have to decide who will be the playmaker in the formation.



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