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03 Apr 2011
Irregular month for Deportivo; Lotina’s team mixed good presentations with poor matches and in the end the team is closer to the danger zone. Anyhow, Adrian was the best player in March thanks to his performance against Real Sociedad.

Deportivo played four matches during the month of March, but the performance in the last two games –at Espanyol and Vs. Levante- was so poor that the Peña members weren’t in the mood to vote for their favourite player. In the end only the matches against Osasuna and Real Sociedad were counted.

And the winner of the month was striker Adrian, who shone during the 2-1 victory over Real Sociedad. It also contributed to his triumph the fact that the Peña members were so impressed with the game that they gave a collective note of 3 to the performance of the team, reason why the Asturian striker added fifteen points in the month.

Andrés Guardado was also a winner in the month as he ended second in the voting of that match, reason why he added nine points. In the other voted match of the month, against Osasuna, the 0-0 score moved the Peña fans to vote for the defensive players.

In this sense, Aranzubia clinched the first place in the voting thanks to his six saves on the game. Second in the list was Laure, who still impressing the fans during his fourth season at the first team.

Ratings on the month:

Player Ratings vs Osasuna (2/3/11) 
1st. Aranzubia- 5 (38)
2nd. Laure - 3 (15)
3rd. Juan Rodriguez - 1 (11)
PB: None
Collective Note: 1 (Poor)

Player Ratings vs Real Sociedad (7/3/11) 
1st. Adrian - 15 (38)
2nd. Guardado - 9 (15)
3rd. Colotto - 3 (11)
PB: Riki
Collective Note: 3 (Excellent)

Overall table: Diego Colotto still leading the race for the RCDLC.com Player of the Year award, but now Adrian is claiming the second place surpassing Ruben Pérez, the Andalusian midfielder is now third on the list. Laure is fourth and Andres Guardado> is climbing to the sixth place thanks to his game against Real Sociedad.

Overall Table
1st. Colotto - 58 pts 
2nd. Adrian - 49 pts
3rd. Ruben Perez - 47 pts
4th. Laure - 43 pts
5th. Aranzubia - 40 pts
6th. Guardado - 29 pts
7th. Manuel Pablo - 28 pts
8th. Lopo - 23 pts
9th. Juan Rodriguez - 18 pts
10th. Aythami - 16 pts
11th. Valeron - 13 pts
12th. Riki - 12 pts
12th. Lassad - 11 pts
12th. Manu - 11 pts
15th. Desma - 7 pts
15th. Urreta - 7 pts
17th. Tomas - 5 pts
18th. Seoane - 3 pts
19th. Alvarez - 2 pts
19th. Juan Dominguez - 2 pts
21st. Morel - 1 pt.
Rochela - -1 pt.
Ze Castro - -1pt.




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