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06 Apr 2011
After his great game against Mallorca, Valerón talked to reporters and gave his opinion about the current situation of Deportivo. He still saying that the date of his retirement hasn’t been decided yet.

Juan Carlos Valerón gave a press conference on Monday, just after the training session; he was explaining what happened during the second half against Mallorca, “I always try to do my best. Sometimes it works out, like against Mallorca, and sometimes it doesn’t. We just opted to pass the ball over the grass and it worked. We were combining and the feeling was good.”

He was denying that his game was as special as the fans and the media were saying after the meeting, “It is the way I know to do things. Each person must be bold in their own way. I don’t know if playing well or less well, but having the hope of winning."

Instead of been praising himself, El Flaco was emphasizing the support of the fans throughout the day, "It was a victory for Deportivismo. Before the game we felt the support of our people, the kids from the Riazor Blues, who gave us their love. Then, all the family of Depor pushed forward. Everyone who played, those at the stands ... When the game ended there was only a feeling of unity. "

Beyond the last result, Valerón was already looking at the next meeting at Malaga CF, "We still have some way to go, but it was very important to achieve the win against Mallorca. We were losing and later achieved the comeback when everything looked lost; it is a strength and a very large profit. At the end there were few words, we clasped hands, breathed and hugged our partners. There was much tension, because the game was important. We took the first step and now the game against Malaga is vital. "

"There is much that we would earn with a victory and if not, we'd still be in a situation in which we would need to win at home and keep fighting. In our mind the idea is that this match is vital. It would be a mistake not to give all the importance that it deserves, but it won’t be like that. " He added.

The Canarian playmaker is also aware that his great game on the past weekend does not necessarily mean that he will be a starter against Malaga, "Of course I would understand to be a substitute at Malaga. There wouldn’t be a problem. I'm here to help whenever the coach believes it is necessary and will remain so."

Finally, Valerón is still evading the question if he is going to retire at the end of the season, "That if am I going to keep playing for another year? We will see, but I will not deny that when you have a game like the last one... The sensations are good, but I don’t want to dwell on that. If I keep playing it will be a normal decision, a decision of all the parties: the club, the coach and me. There will be no problem. Until the end of the season, I am a footballer and my energy is put into it."



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