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07 Apr 2011
The major part of the press conference gave by Lotina on Wednesday was to defend his ideas towards the participation of Valerón in his lineups; about the rest, he just said that the lineup for Malaga isn’t decided yet.

Wednesday’s press conference held by Miguel Ángel Lotina lasted seventeen minutes, and in the major part of it Depor’s coach adopted a defensive attitude towards the continuous questions regarding the participation of Valerón in his starting lineups.

But before the controversy, Lotina stated that the team is feeling better after achieving the important victory before RCD Mallorca, “There is more joy now at work, and that’s always good, but well… we can’t allow this joy to turn into overconfidence. We have shortened the training session, so we can have more intensity.”

Later he was making calculations of the points that Depor needs in order to clinch the permanence, “With each games passing the deadline is getting closer, I mean for everything, to end the season and to achieve the goals. Malaga is a team at the bottom and a win there is important, for everything, to add more points and to finally make a good away match. Until we have 43 points I won’t say that the salvation is achieved.”

Asked if Depor needs to be more risky in this match, the Basque trainer answered that, “I don’t know if it’s a matter of been more risky, but what we must do is to try to improve playing away from home, to try to search for solutions. Don’t know if the right phrase is to be more risky. Our biggest problem in recent games is that we are having difficulties when we have the ball possession, also that we have been giving more facilities. In order to win the games we need to score goals and also to prevent them, and we haven’t been fine in both aspects. “

Then the debate on Valerón started, the journalists at the press room of Abegondo were insisting to know the reasons why he isn’t a normal starter, and Lotina was defending his decisions, “I see he’s fine, but I must do what’s best for the team. Why if Valerón plays and we lose 3-0? I won’t do the things just because you say it, I have to analyze everything. I have a lot of data, I see all the statistics and maybe you don’t. “

On Sunday Lotina was saying that one of the reasons why Valerón doesn’t plays more frequently is for his low defensive skills, now he was giving a further explanation, “Valerón defends; I never said that he doesn’t defend. What happens is that we can ask for more compared to players like Adrian, who is 23, or like Lassad. It isn’t so easy… Valerón has some characteristics and among them is to not been a defender, just look at his stats… I don’t want to talk more on this subject; he is a player that has some things that nobody else has. Even somebody said that he is the best player in the history of Spain, and what else can I say? But some people think that we will never lose with Valerón on the pitch, but it isn’t like that.”

“If any players will guide me to the victory, then there’s no problem. If I would have Ronaldo in his best moment I won’t let him defend. But if I would have the present Ronaldo, then I wouldn’t put him [he laughed] I will only let the player plays when he could allow me to win a game. Right now Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t work in defense, but he knows that as soon as the team recovers the ball he will get it. “ He added.

Then he was asked about the unanimous opinions of the players asking for the presence of Valerón on this last part of the liga season, “The players will always say that, but I am the one that has to decide. Do you think that I won’t put Valerón if I would know that we will win? Do you think I am a fool? What happens is that you don’t know the entire picture. Do you know all the stats? Do you know how many games did Valerón played as starter? You will see that we have won, draw and lost.” The coach said as he was getting impatient.

Insisted about the subject, a journalist was remembering that the team created more scoring chances with Valerón on the pitch than in the previous two games combined, and Lotina, tired of talking of Valerón, answered that, “Damn it! It seems you want to confront me with Valerón! Thank God he is a saint, because if he would be dangerous, and with some of you throwing garbage… [He laughed]… He is the best player I have found in any locker room, and I have had players like De La Peña, Mostovoi… If he would be more twisted-minded then I would already be back in Meñaka… But I already said enough of Valerón, what I want to say is that there are more things than to look just some stats. There are some games in which he will suffer, so he can’t always play. It isn’t so simple.”

Moving to other subjects, the Meñaka-born trainer said that he hasn’t decided yet the lineup for Sunday’s meeting with Malaga, “I haven’t decided anything yet: I want to see tomorrow’s training; last week Xisco earned a spot at the starting eleven during the trainings, so I can’t say by Tuesday that everything is already decided, because I need to see how the people are, if not the trainings would be useless. I want to see the players training at the top, and if I see some continuity in the trainings then I will decide. It happened to Xisco; I saw him at the top and ended playing on the past Sunday.”

Depor’s coach also confessed that he has some doubts on who should be playing on the right wing, “Yes, Pablo [Álvarez] is working very well, but the stats tell me that he offers more things when he goes out for the second half , so I must handle those situations. I will decide in tomorrow’s training.”

Finally, Lotina is fearing the environment that the team could meet at La Rosaleda, “It’s a team that’s playing better at home, it has a lot of offensive potential, and it will have a full stadium with 25,000 spectators, so the environment will be pretty.



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