23 Apr 2011
Right-back Manuel Pablo completed a solid match against Racing Santander; he talked with Sportpaper AS about the current moment of Deportivo.

Q: What a great match you made on Sunday!
A: I think it was a good game for everybody; we were plugged since the beginning. We struggled a bit at the beginning, but then the team made an adjustment, and from minute 30 we completely dominate the situation. Later the goals arrived at the right moments and it also helped out.

Q: Your cross from the right searching for Lassad was magnificent.
A: El Flaco made a nice pass. I thought in hitting the ball hard at first, but then I feared it was going too long, and then decided to send a shorter cross. Lassad made a nice move and anticipated the rival. It was an important goal taking in mind the minute and it gave us peace of mind.

Q: Is your first assist on the season?
A: I think so, I am not aware of the numbers. [It was his second, he gave his other assist on the season during the 3-3 draw with Sevilla, it was in the first goal of Lassad]

Q: This season you have been close to score, would you conquer your first league goal?
A: [He laughs] I do not think so. And with this system is more difficult. The other day I went to the far post, and also had a chance against Mallorca at the far post, but with this system, I am not joining the attacks so frequently compared to when we played with five defenders, at that time I was always stepping into the area. If I didnít score with five defenders, it will be more difficult with only four.

Q: Has the team rediscovered the combinative game?
A: Yes. The opponents knew how to counteract our game and sometimes things werenít fine, and in the end they knew all our tricks and were waiting for us, and at the same time we didnít know how to interpret some things. Now we have changed and we do better, but some teams will also try to counteract this form of play and there will be times in which we will have to use a more direct game.

Q: After the game against Levante the physical coach was criticized. Now that the team has made three extraordinary second halves, donít people have to recognize the work of Eduardo Dominguez?
A: That was misunderstood. I was one of those who spoke of the issue. I was referring to the fitness not of the team, but of certain players. That day I was coming out from an injury, I only had one training session, while there were some players with muscular problems; Guardado was joining the team after been with his national team... What I meant was that there were players who werenít at 100%, not because the team was physically ill. I think we are all well-prepared in a physical sense and what we have missed is to know how to compete.

Q: Two more victories and the salvation will be assured.
A: We canít relax. We are living a good moment and must take advantage of it; the idea is to continue offering the same impression of been a competitive team. We have to finish as soon as possible with this suffering.



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