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28 Apr 2011
On Tuesday, Lotina was suggesting that the current situation of Depor at the standings isn’t so critical, and that in the near future the fans might end missing the present scenario; comments that have been misinterpreted by the media.

Deportivo returned to train on Tuesday’s morning, after the session coach Miguel Ángel Lotina talked at the press room of Abegondo during his usual press conferences at the start of the week. He talked during fifteen minutes and analyzed several issues.

The most highlighted comments were the ones related to the current situation at the standings, a journalist was asking him about the tension at the team as the relegation zone is just three points below the Galicians. Lotina tried to explain that the current situation isn’t so critical, but some journalists and fans have misinterpreted his comments as he was criticized for been “pessimistic” and “inappropriate”.

What he said was that, “It would have been pretty to defeat Hércules, then everything would be perfect, how pretty we are! ji ji, ja ja.. It seems that nobody has lived these kinds of situations before, and I already passed many times through these kinds of situations, and what I can tell you is that I would have always signed to be at this point of the season having 38 points with 5 games remaining in the schedule, this is the moment in which we’ve to demonstrate that we’re real football players, the present is complicated, but it’s also a pretty challenge. In X years you will miss this situation; within the last fifteen years all the clubs have passed through worse situations, with the exception of Real Madrid and Barcelona. No matter the team you can mention everybody has passed through a worse situation compared to our present scenario. Our situation is complicated, but we only need two more wins, so it isn’t so tough.”

“One of these years Depor will have to live a worse situation, because everybody must pass through this drama, maybe next year Depor will be fighting for the UEFA, but maybe in seven years you will be in the same situation. We are in a complicate scenario, but it isn’t a matter of life and death. We have five games to achieve two wins.” He added. These comments were criticized by several newspapers and in some Internet forums, but the true is that the Basque man was trying to explain, in his own words, that things aren’t as complicated as the crisis lived at other clubs at the bottom of the standings.

About other subjects, Depor’s coach still believing that the magic number to achieve the permanence is 44 points, “I think is wrong to be waiting for the results of other teams; we are the ones that must win. We aren’t saved with 38 points, and neither will go down with 44. Nobody will go down with that mark. And is worthless to start looking to others, because always somebody has to win and somebody has to lose. We must look to ourselves and nothing more. Surely we will be saved with 44 points.”

Lotina hasn’t decided yet what he will do at midfield, sector where he has three casualties for Saturday’s clash against Atletico Madrid; actually he is not discarding the possibility to perform with a central defender on that position, “Well, yes; it is true that we have some casualties and therefore the doors are opened for other players. As natural midfielders we only have Juan Rodriguez and Juan Dominguez, well, it is an option that isn’t discarded and we will see throughout the week. But if we play with two pivotes, it will be with Juan Rodriguez and Juan Dominguez.”

“Aythami and Ze Castro can perform there, both are good with the output of the ball, they have good qualities. I don’t know yet if I will put a central defender there, the problem is that all the defenders playing as a midfielder are having problems, because they are not used to perform backwards the ball.” He added. But the coach is sure about one thing: he won’t pick anybody from Depor B, “Fabril also has problems in that position, so I won’t pick anybody for those positions; instead it is time to use people from the first team.”

The Meñaka-born trainer also commented the problems to find a player for the right wing, “Yes, we know… the other day we played with Andrés [Guardado] and Lassad, and later Juan Dominguez entered into the pitch, though he isn’t a natural winger, but he has the capacity to steal and move the ball, and there are many teams that play with a midfielder performing on the sides. We have had problems in order to find the right man for the right side, it isn’t like at the left wing, place where we found Guardado and that’s it.”

Asked about the rival the coach, that on the past Sunday reached the mark of 400 matches at Primera, was saying that, “They are passing through a good moment and are having a good streak, they have pretty good players, but it’s also a nice challenge for us, it is to achieve three important points and in that sense we are willing to play on Sunday. We can defeat anyone.”

Finally, Lotina was giving his latest impressions on the past match with Hércules, “There were things that we had and that we haven’t had in past away games, as example we had more ball possession, but we are having the same old problem, at defense we always had that old problem, we talked of it before the game, at half-time…and on this week we must study the issue through the video. I won’t give further explanations. The team is playing motivated away from home, also at the Riazor, but away we are having problems.”



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