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28 Apr 2011
The TAS won’t study the case and Javito will be unable to play for Deportivo; the club will try to recover the money spent in the operation, while the player showed his frustration in a local radio.

Francisco Javier Peral ‘Periane Javito’ was dreaming of debuting at Primera División and for that reason he decided to sign for Deportivo La Coruña during the past winter window, but he never imagined that he would never fulfill that dream. Because on Tuesday, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS), published the list of cases that will be resolved from this date to the end of June, and the case of Javito wasn’t on the list. So, it is now accepted that the transfer of the right winger will never be received at Plaza de Pontevedra.
The problem was always related to the new, and at the same time confusing, system for international transfers. FIFA initially rejected the operation due to two reasons: the fact that the information was introduced in the transfer system one day after the deadline, and the fact that there was a contradiction in the information as his former club Aris Thessaloniki reported that the operation was a transfer, while Depor said that it was a loan. Then the operation was blocked at the beginning of February and the club had to wait until FIFA was able to study the case more in depth in order to find solutions.

Then the FIFA Players' Status Committee took the case and it lasted one and a half month to analyze it, and it gave a sentence on March. Unfortunately for Deportivo and Javito the instance rejected the case arguing that the player was ending contract with Aris Thessaloniki in June and that for this reason it isn’t legal to accept a loan operation as Depor informed previously. Then the transfer reached a dead end road.

Then Deportivo tried to introduce the case to an independent tribunal, which was the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS), but in order to use this instance FIFA must first send a letter accepting the intermediation of this court, but in the end that letter was never sent and it’s now accepted that the winger will not be able to play for Deportivo as he already signed a deal with Olympiacos F.C. starting in June.

Now, Deportivo will try to recover the 180.000 Euros that were paid to Aris Thessaloniki as part of the operation. Meanwhile, Javito was talking to Radio Cadena Cope and showed his frustration with all that has happened: "I am pretty disappointed; they didn’t allow me to do my job. It was my dream. Depor must be also upset, because they invested some money. I am pretty disappointed, because neither FIFA nor the TAS are valuing the work of the player. I don’t know if I will take legal actions, first I want to see Depor explaining to me the whole thing.”



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