29 Apr 2011
Coach Tito Ramallo gave an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and analyzed the current situation of Deportivo B; according to him Fabril’s players are only thinking of winning the next game and clinch the permanence.

Q: Is everything okay?
A: The changing room is confident. There is a lot of serenity, calm. Although it is difficult for everyone, we can achieve the salvation. The players have demonstrated it.

Q: Do you see it as a close goal?
A: We have a challenge: one more victory. At this point, any victory is hard to achieve. Alcalá is playing for a spot in Copa Del Rey, Leganés and Guadalajara are trying to enter into the playoffs. It is a complicated schedule and there is little margin for error, but we also have a four-point lead over relegation. First, we must get that victory. Then we will make our own calculations, and maybe we will need one extra point, maybe not.

Q: Is it the most difficult moment for a coach?
A: My work is to stay focused. The pause that we had before didn’t benefit us. We must be highly focused.

Q: Can be a matter of capacity?
A: No. All teams that we have faced are similar to us. And the last game is the reference.

Q: Were you expecting for this situation at the beginning of the season?
A: We always said that our goal was to fight for the permanence and we reached this point with everything to be decided. Between the eleventh and the last spot, i.e. half of the standings, everybody is involved in the fight to avoid relegation.

Q:  For a team destined to prepare players for the first team, what is the teaching lesson at this final stage of the season?
A: Living this situation leads to extreme feelings, either positive or negative, and, therefore the marks left by those experiences. These are situations of extreme stress. It creates a much stronger footprint in terms of football training. When you are fighting to avoid relegation and if you achieve the goal then it strengthens.

Q: Are you already preparing the composition of the squad for the next campaign?
A: Right now, the only goal is to defeat Alcalá, it can’t be otherwise. I see the players focused and feeling involved, very aware of this situation, with a single thought. With the tightness at the standings anything can happen and to everyone. They perfectly know the situation and behave accordingly.



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