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03 May 2011
Albert Lopo was sent off on Saturday and his exit changed the game against Atletico, now the Catalan defender complains of the referee, but also of the way in which Depor faced the game.

The expulsion of Albert Lopo changed the game against Atletico Madrid. Because Depor had to face the last thirty minutes with only ten men on the pitch, and the Madrilenians were able to face the last part of the meeting with a more offensive approach, which led to the goal of Aguero that meant three points for them and the current problems of the Galicians at the standings.

The Catalan defender talked to reporters and was complaining of what happened in the game, and also of the treatment of the referees during the season of Deportivo, “Beyond looking to commit a foul over the player it was him who was looking at me, but he was wise enough to cause the red card. But this isn’t the lonely case for us, before they didn’t remove the fifth yellow to Laure, while they lifted it to Pepe, and there is more stuff.”

“Now, it isn’t worthy to feel sorry for the referees, but to think of Sporting. We must win, yes or yes. The situation is now more complicated, and in that sense the visit to Gijón is very important. It isn’t enough with a draw. We must win the match. Beyond been an obligation, it is a basic thing.” He added.

But Lopo went beyond this idea and was also complaining of the game of Depor, “We missed spark and to create more scoring opportunities. But what hurts me is to leave my team mates on the ground. These kinds of plays can be avoided, but you are so plugged into the game that you forget that you already have been booked.”

“In the second play, I tried to cut the attack, because it was dangerous. If it was hard with eleven men on the pitch, just guess the situation with ten; it was a pity to leave your partners there. Besides, you miss the next game and what you want to do is to help the team.” He finalized.



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