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04 May 2011
Depor’s coach gave his usual press conference of the week and explained that he still searching for solutions in order to improve the game of Depor during the away games; he also said that the club needs six more points in order to be saved.

It is an important week for Deportivo as Saturday’s clash against Sporting Gijón might be decisive in the quest for the permanence, but coach Miguel Ángel Lotina seemed calmed during Tuesday’s press conference; the conversation with reporters lasted twelve minutes and the coach was even making a couple of jokes to the journalists.

He is aware of the importance of Saturday’s meeting and targets to add six of the last twelve points in order to reach the permanence, “I have had moments like this before, but yes, I consider that we can be saved with six more points. In a personal sense I had been in worse moments, but in a collective sense this is a crucial moment, because we aren’t playing for the future of Lotina, but for the future of Depor. We are playing for the feelings of the fans, and there isn’t any amount of money that can pay this.”

The Basque man is aware that his team is decreasing its performance each time that it leaves the Riazor, “We have spent almost the whole second round without scoring away from home and we’re searching for solutions. It isn’t for a lack of intensity. We don’t have individualities; we don’t have a Batista scoring five goals in the latest games, so our strongest point is the group.”

“It s true that we are having a lot of problems playing away from home, but it’s also true that this is the same team of the recent years and it has always solved the problems. We are missing other things, in Alicante, as example, we missed more depth. We also missed football is some moments. So we are searching for solutions in order to have more depth and football.” He added.

Later, Lotina explained the current status of some of his players, “Manuel Pablo trained with Pablo [the physical therapist] and Ruben [Pérez] is dragging some physical problems, and just completed part of the training session, but he should be fit to play. Antonio [Tomás] isn’t discarded yet, but it’s difficult ´to have him ready for Saturday.”

Ahead of the clash with Sporting, the coach explained what the goals are for that meeting, “We are not thinking of a point in the next game, maybe you can think of it within the last ten minutes of the match, but during the week you can’t be thinking of the draw. We are feeling in debt with the fans and also with the people travelling to watch the game.”

It was also reported that the Meñaka-born-trainer was testing a formation with Riki and Xisco in attack, and regarding this issue he commented that, “We played with two strikers in Alicante and neither scored a goal, it might be, but the solution isn’t passing through this. I don’t know yet how will be play, maybe we will play with three strikers, maybe without any of them, we don’t know yet.”

Finally, he was commenting the state of mind of the players at this crucial moment, “It isn’t normal to see this Real Madrid and Barcelona losing with two teams at the bottom, the normal thing is to see them losing with Atletico or Valencia, but we also need to add the points, so we can’t blame other results. People are worried, but at the same time willing to surpass this complicate situation. The team seems focused, the last training was intense and the players are just talking of football, so our players are focused. “



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