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06 May 2011
Deportivo received good news during a complicate week in la liga: Valerón will keep playing for one more year at the first squad of Deportivo. Lendoiro also announced an advance in the renewal of other players.

During Wednesday’s morning it was announced that president Augusto César Lendoiro was going to give a press conference late on the day, later it was reported that Juan Carlos Valerón was going to join him in the event, suddenly the rumours started to flow related to a possible renewal of El Flaco.

And the rumours were confirmed as both men attended to the Playa Club joined by Lendoiro’s advisor Jesús Rebollo and Juan Carlos’ brother Pedro Valerón. The playmaker signed a five year renewal at the end of the past season, but at the time it was announced that he was only to play one year at the first team, while the rest he was going to be part of the club’s staff.

But on Wednesday, Lendoiro talked to reporters and said that the playmaker was going to stay at the team for at least one more season, “Juan Carlos will continue at the first team for one more year. We must congratulate him, because he will stay for at least one more year, and we wanted to release the news in an official way. He is man of one single club. Sometimes he will make one function, and sometimes other tasks.”

“You can notice a difference when Valerón is on the pitch, though it doesn’t means that he should always play, but for everything that he represents for his partners, the fans, the club’s officials and the media. With this news I hope the fans will feel more motivated. We lasted 23 years in finding Valerón, and it will be hard to find a new one. Valerón will stay at the club until God knows when.” He added.

Meanwhile, Valerón was saying that, “We left an open door for an additional year on the pitch and now the door is completely open. I have the strength to keep adding things and just hope that everybody could see things in the same way. I feel identified and committed to the club, and it’s that this is a promising project for the future. I didn’t think twice, as I said before I didn’t want that this was going to be a forced situation.”

“I always wanted to help, and if I was matching the expectations and proving that I can be useful on here, then the club should be deciding. I was just worried in bringing my best effort and that’s what I always tried to do on the pitch. It has always been my goal. I would be just as happy playing football as doing other things, because I'm where in order to give everything."

The Canarian also talked of the current situation lived by the team in la liga, “We are passing through a complicate moment, but the family of Deportivo is united and the fans are helping a lot in order to face this tough moments, and we are grateful for that.”

Valerón arrived to Deportivo in 2010 coming from Atletico Madrid, it came by the back door as he was including in a multi operation after the relegation of the Madrilenian club. But with the pass of time he gained the respect and the love of the fans and the media; now the Canarian playmaker is considered as a symbol and reference not only in La Coruña but in Spain. Despite his two serious knee injuries, El Flaco has been able to play 252 matches wearing Depor’s shirt in la liga, plus bring some of the most unforgettable moments in the history of the club, like taking part of the 4-0 comeback against AC Milan in the UEFA Champions League.

Lendoiro announced during the press conference that the club is trying to close the renewal of other players, starting with Manuel Pablo. Depor’s boss said that the plan is to sign a two-year renewal with the side defender, who earned an extra year of contract after playing 25 official games early on this season. According to the president this renewal could be signed on Monday.

He also informed that the club is already negotiating the renewal of David Rochela; the central defender ends his contract in 2012 and Lendoiro said that the new contract could be signing in the coming days. At the same time the president said that nothing has been negotiated with Lassad, Juan Dominguez and Aythami, while asked for Albert Lopo he just answered with an enigmatic, “It’s closer than yesterday, but farther than tomorrow; for the moment it’s the only thing I can say.”




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