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13 May 2011
Second RCDLC.com Player of the Month Award on the season for Andrés Guardado; he didn’t score any goal, but was considered as a very important player for the results achieved during the month.

April was a mixed month for Deportivo; the Galicians started the month with two wins and a draw, but lost the last two games in the period. Still, only the defeat at Hércules FC was valued with a collective note of one (poor)by the RCDLC.com peña members, which means that a lot of points were distributed.

And the big winner was Andrés Guardado; the Mexican winger was part of the top three list in four of the five games disputed in the month and also clinched two Man of the Match Awards (MOM), which were in the 0-0- with Malaga CF and the 0-1 loss against Atlético Madrid. It is the second time on the season that the ex-Atlas man earns the Player of the Month Award (POM).

The other two big winners of April are side defenders Manuel Pablo and Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’, both shared the second place in the month; the Canarian was the MOM on the win over Racing Santander, while the Madrilenian was second in the clashes against RCD Mallorca and Atlético Madrid.

Juan Carlos Valerón also had a big moment in April as earned the MOM in the 2-1 comeback against Mallorca, game that was won thanks to his entry into the pitch for the second half. Albert Lopo clinched the other MOM on the month; it was during the 0-1 loss at Hércules CF.

Ratings on the month:

Player Ratings vs Malaga (10/4/11) 
1st. Guardado - 10 (10)
2nd. Aranzubia - 6 (6)
3rd. Colotto & Lopo 2 (4)
Collective Note: 2 (Medium)

Player Ratings vs Mallorca (3/4/11) 
1st. Valeron - 10 (55)
2nd. Laure - 6 (12)
3rd. Guardado - 2 (11)
PB: Xisco -----> Awarded 1 point
Collective Note: 2 (Medium)

Player Ratings vs Racing (17/4/11) 
1st. Manuel Pablo - 15 (21)
2nd. Lassad - 9 (13)
3rd. Guardado - 3 (9)
PB: Morel -----> Awarded 1 point
Collective Note: 3 (Excellent)

Player Ratings vs Hercules (24/4/11) 
1st. Lopo - 5 (13)
2nd. Colotto - 3 (8) 
3rd. JR - 1 (4)
Collective Note: 1 (poor)

Player Ratings vs Atletico (30/4/11) 
1st. Guardado - 10 (20)
2nd. Laure - 6 (8)
3rd. Colotto - 2 (4)
Collective Note: 2 (Medium)

Overall table: Diego Colotto added seven points in April and still leading the race for the RCDLC.com Player of the Year award, and now Laure is second in the list, though only one point above Guardado. Striker Adrian is also claiming some spots and is now fourth, while Ruben Pérez is fifth. Valerón is entering into the top-ten list. May is the final month on the season and anything still can happen.

Overall Table
1st. Colotto - 65 pts 
2nd. Laure - 55 pts
3rd. Guardado - 54 pts
4th. Adrian - 49 pts
5th. Ruben Perez - 47 pts
6th. Aranzubia - 46 pts
7th. Manuel Pablo - 43 pts
8th. Lopo - 30 pts
9th. Valeron - 23 pts
10th. Lassad - 20 pts
11th. Juan Rodriguez - 19 pts
12th. Aythami - 16 pts
13th. Riki - 12 pts
14th. Manu - 11 pts
15th. Desma - 7 pts
15th. Urreta - 7 pts
17th. Tomas - 5 pts
18th. Seoane - 3 pts
19th. Alvarez - 2 pts
19th. Juan Dominguez - 2 pts
21st. Morel - 2 pts
22nd. Xisco - 1 pt.
22nd Rochela - -1 pt.
22nd Ze Castro - 1pt.




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