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14 May 2011
Within the last five years nobody at Deportivo has reached the mark of ten goals on a liga season, Adrian is just two goals below the mark and already scored twelve in all competitions. The best news is that he has scored three times within the last two games.

It seems that the position of striker is cursed since the days of Walter Pandiani, Diego Tristán, Roy Makaay and Albert Luque. At the beginning of the past decade the club had the privilege of enjoying of two Pichichis plus one Golden Boot.

The last big campaign of Depor’s strikers was the season 2003/04, time when the deadly trio of Walter Pandiani (19 goals, 13 in liga and 6 in Champions League), Diego Tristán (14 goals, 9 in liga, 3 in Champions League and 2 in Copa del Rey) and Albert Luque, (13 goals, 8 in Liga and 5 in Champions League) swept with all the marks as combined they conquered the astonishing number of 46 goals in one single season.

But since the last year of coach Javier Irureta at the Galician team the goals have been a scarce resource, for the campaign 2004/05 Tristán scored eleven goals (all of them in liga), same mark than Luque (9 in liga and 2 in Copa Del Rey).

On the season 2005/06, Tristán ended the liga tournament with eleven goals in liga plus one in the Intertoto Cup. Since that day nobody at Depor’s first team has passed the mark of the ten goals in a liga tournament. On the following campaign Javier Arizmendi was the top-scorer in the domestic competition with only five goals added to his tally, the Madrilenian was also the best scorer for the team taking in mind all the competitions despite he didn’t score in Copa.

For the season 2007/08 the honour was for Javier Tejada ‘Xisco’ as he scored nine times in liga, once again the Pichichi on the season didn’t conquer any goal in Copa.  On the following campaign the Pichichi at the team was Ángel Lafita will nine goals in all the competitions (8 in liga, 1 in Europe). And on the past season the top-scorer was Iván Sánchez-Rico Soto ’Riki’ as the Madrilenian scored eight times (all of them in la liga competition).

Now, with the three goals scored within the last two matchdays, Adrián is reaching his peak at Depor: eight goals in liga, which are twelve in all competitions taking in mind the four goals conquered in Copa Del Rey. It is the double of the past season, which was his first full tournament at the team after returning from several loan periods.

The truth is that Adrian seems to live of streaks on the present season, mainly when the team has to play two games in one single week. At the beginning of 2011 he scored five goals within four days, two of them against Athletic Bilbao in liga (2-1, Jan 02) and four days later he conquered his first hat-trick during the Copa second-leg against Córdoba CF (3-1). Now a similar thing occurred as he scored twice against Sporting at El Molinón (2-2), and three days later he was scoring another goal against Athletic Bilbao, plus providing the cross that meant the own goal of defender Castillo.

And this new eruption is coming just when Deportivo needs goals in order to give the final push towards the permanence. The good news for the Galicians is that Adrian seems to play motivated each times that faces Barcelona FC, he already scores twice against the Catalans; actually the first professional goal for the Asturian attacker was scored at the Camp Nou (March 21 2007).

The bad news is that Adrian ends his contract in June and these might be his last two games with Deportivo, it is rumoured that he already has an agreement with Atlético Madrid. His exit would be a disaster for Lendoiro after the president pushed for his signing when he was an unknown 18-year-old kid. Now, at his 23, he might end exploding at other club. In case of leaving Adrian will be the second Pichichi that leaves the club within the last three years, the previous case was Lafita, who had to return to Real Zaragoza as part of a complex contract with Los Maños.



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