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23 May 2011
The Galician papers cried the relegation of Deportivo La Coruña to Segunda División; and all of them blamed the lack of scoring for this misfortune.

La Opinion A Coruña: The lack of scoring was the sentence. As it had happened two weeks ago against Athletic, fate was telling Depor that it was necessary to come back from behind, rowing against the tide to demonstrate that it isn’t easy to survive at Primera División, it wasn’t easy, not at all. The problem was the same one that plagued the team throughout the season: the lack of scoring, which is the essence of football and the condemnation in the relegation to Segunda Division of Deportivo and the entire city of A Coruña.

Just two minutes in the clock and Valencia began a move on the right. Joaquin controlled the ball, and made a pass to Aduriz, who put the 0-1. The goal silenced the Riazor. The goal that condemned Depor and saved Zaragoza, at least for the moment. It was 22h04. The ordeal begun. Despite enjoying several clear chances to score, Depor never felt comfortable on the pitch. Anxiety and nerves for a Deportivo that accused the opening goal. It wasn’t the team that in recent matchdays it was bringing almost full confidence to the fans at the Riazor.

Both teams reached halftime with the 0-1 on the scoresheet and Depor was still in relegation.. It was 22h45 and every match was going to the break. The problem was curiously in Valencia. Zaragoza was drawing on the field of Levante and Los Maños were passing the Galicians by the goal difference. The good news arrived from Mallorca. There the Majorcans were losing against Atletico, side that was playing in order to enter directly into Europe. So, Depor only needed one goal. A goal that never came. Never. And it’s that until yesterday’s game Depor have missed to score in twenty matchdays on the season. With yesterday’s game the mark raised to 21. More than half of the league. A record that condemned Deportivo. Pablo Reimúndez

La Voz de Galicia: Incredible, but it did happen. I'm not afraid of moments like last night, when Deportivo was forced to win due to the threat of relegation that could have arrived by a rebound, according to results from other teams. The Galician fans were fully supportive for this match against Valencia, whose passage through the Riazor stadium will never be remembered as a pleasant memory.

Before the game I didn’t feel anxiety, because I saw that Deportivo was prepared to win. But let’s talk about football and it occurred something that I wasn’t expecting: a goal of Valencia within the first five minutes. And it kept the lead until the end of the first part of the game. What happened next was so incredible that, at this time on the night, it still not possible to imagine, I have no desire to remember, because it happened the worst thing you could imagine and, indeed, had to see to believe. Vicente Leirachá

Xornal de Galicia: Depor is awakening from a dream. A cyclical history Yesterday in A Coruña it was too close to the fateful May 14, 1994. The sky was just overcast, without allowing us to see the sun, and at the town it prevailed the Blanquiazul colour over everything. The tension was high, there was hope and fear in equal measure. Before the game, the mixers that were circulating in the streets made it clear that, in case anyone had not yet realized, it wasn’t a normal day. It was the day. It was necessary to defeat Valencia to avoid problems.

Riazor was full, but the afternoon started badly, very badly. And it’s that Deportivo started the game virtually losing as Aduriz scored before the fifth minute. A setback. Valencia’s players hardly celebrated. A gesture of respect that honors them, but the goal was painful, especially for the fans. The opponent was playing for nothing, Depor for its life.

After the goal, the team harassed the goal of Cesar. Riki wasted a lot of opportunities, and every error of the Madrilenian involved a blow for the fans, and they never deserved to live a drama of this nature. Valencia was not looking to attack, but it created a sense of danger with the counterattacks. Then the break came. 45 minutes of suffering were remaining. The second half just started as it finished the first, with a clear chance. But Adrian missed the target.

The clock was running out and the faces of despair at the Riazor were showing up. Riki missed a clear chance again. Many more came, but none entered. It was endless. It was like a script written by the greatest Antideportivista. Even the referee seemed to be trying to extend the game, because it lasted five more minutes. It was a finale that ended tragically. There was no time, there was no life. It seemed like the worst nightmare, but it was real. Soldado was scoring the second. Deportivo was now a team of Segunda. The end of a golden age, a dream that was also real. Omar Bello

El Pais: Inconsolably weeping at the Riazor. The most glorious period in the history of Deportivo ended last night with a painful relegation to Segunda. The team that, from a corner challenged and sometimes defeated the great Spanish football teams and that put A Coruña and Galicia in the world football map, is now returning to Segunda, just when in the next month it was going to celebrate 20 years of their last promotion. It goes down among their people against Valencia after an effort as huge as useless, prisoner of his lack of scoring and of a series of unexpected results in recent matchdays, those that are forcing a team to go down despite adding 43 points

Deportivo took to the field as if it was paralyzed, waiting, without feeling the need to have the ball possession. It gave it back to Valencia, side that soon showed up that it was going to handle the opponent's nerves, with the needed patience to give it all done. Anything but predictable. Unpredictability was that Aduriz scored on a soft attempt, a cross from Joaquin that he barely connected. It was like turning an angel. Riazor was silent and not even Aduriz dared to celebrate the goal.

As against Athletic, in its previous appearance at the Riazor, Deportivo was again ready to swim against the tide. It was a deja vu, one more. The capricious calendar was again matching both teams into a decisive final matchday, just like the drama lived with Djukic in 1994, 17 years ago. The reaction of Lotina’s team was similar to what happened one and a half week ago, the team grouped around Valerón, retrieved the ball and prepared for the assault. But it missed the goal of the whole world. Half season has passed with Depor pining for Riki, for his injuries and absences, by the need of having a powerful forward, who occasionally can sniff the goal.

And now, in the most decisive moment, when he finds the continuity and the confidence of the coach, the Madrilenian showed up with the sight distorted. He monopolized the options before the break, and there were many. Up to five times before the break, all the colour options, by air and land, by force or skill. Sometimes he missed, and it others he met Cesar. Juan L. Cudeiro.

Marca: Valencia's breaks the heart of the Riazor ... again. Deportivo will play next season on Segunda División after losing to Valencia (0-2) and returns the ghost of 1994, when the Valencian team stole the league for FC Barcelona. On this occasion, if possible, it was even more painful, the Galician team loses its spot at the elite against the same opponents, which wasn’t part of the forecasts.

Miguel Angel Lotina’s team pays again the bill for its lack of scoring, the absence of a scorer that ends, at least, the 30% of the chances you could have. Mainly Riki, but also Adrian, enjoyed of clear opportunities to change the course of this event. And then Xisco and Lassad. And also everyone who looked on goal: Colotto, Lopo, Guardado ... in front, Valencia, which has plenty of goals. It just seized a pass to Aduriz, a goal that sent Depor to hell. Pablo Díaz

Superdeporte (Valencia): Drama at the Riazor. It was a day of drama for the Riazor, also at the Ciutat de Valencia, at the Iberostar and Anoeta Stadium. A day of smiles and tears began to turn into tragedy four minutes after the start of the fight against relegation.

It was then when Aduriz placed Deportivo La Coruña in a position of relegation. And from that moment until the end the situation didn’t change for Depor. The results were changing and Lotina’s men only needed a point to condemn Mallorca to hell, but although they tried in every possible way, the savior goal never came. When it wasn’t for the lack of aim from Depor’s strikers it was for Cesar.

Meanwhile, Valencia was forgiving Depor in its counterattacks. It was a night of transistors in Majorca, while Getafe and Real Sociedad gave the point as granted, and at the Reyno de Navarra the public applauded the changes at Villarreal, which left them at Primera.

Colotto and Lopo failed a goal at the stoppage time that was worth the permanence. The first tears began to appear at the Riazor. Soldado was scoring the second with five minutes above in the regular time. Full time. Valencia, 17 years later, was returning to be an accomplice for a new misfortune at Deportivo La Coruña. Two decades later, and with a 'Superdepor "in between, the Galicians return to hell. Pepe Ros



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