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24 May 2011
Depor completed the last training session of the season with the heart broken, the players completed the session at Abegondo before 50 fans that were cheering up the players, many of them won’t continue on next season.

Miguel Ángel Lotina is leaving and is doing it by the back door after his team failed to clinch the permanence on the past weekend. The Basque man was at Abegondo for Monday’s training, but before the session he talked to reporters during fourteen minutes and read an open letter:

"I want to thank you for your presence here at this very sad moment for all, it is to say good-bye. I would have liked to do it in any other way, with the team at Primera División, but we were unable to achieve it, despite the extraordinary effort made by everybody, from the players to our fans. Since a while ago I had taken the decision of leaving, because I have concluded that my stage in La Coruña was already outdated, and for that reason I worked hard in order to have a satisfying ending for all. I deeply feel in my soul to not been able to bring this ship to fruition, but I can assure you that it wasn’t for not trying.”

“I want to thank everybody and especially to apologize. Apologies to these wonderful fans with whom I will always be in debt; forgiveness to those who have been upset or feeling hurt by any of my decisions. I assure you that I always tried to do what seemed the best for the club. And thanks to everyone for the effort on every day, always trying to do the right things, which was to match the expectations deserved by the prestige of Depor. Thanks to the employees of the club for their commitment and professionalism, thanks to the players who have been here with me for all these years, and who have delivered an exemplary dedication. Thanks to my collaborators, all the staff and the media. And thanks to the board of directors, in particular the president. It was an honor to work for Deportivo de La Coruña.”

“I take with me the memory of a great club and the love that people have conveyed to me, even in these last difficult days for everyone.”

“ Thank you very much and good-bye ".

Later, the former coach of Deportivo answered some questions; two things called the attention of reporters; the first one is that he confessed that he had the feeling since the first round that the permanence was going to be tougher than in past seasons, “After we defeated Hércules in the first round, in the next morning I told the players that this liga was smelling funny, and told them that we were going to need 45 points to be saved, and we are talking of the first round. Three months ago I said that we were going to need 44 points.”

“Within the latest matches we were affected by some referees, mainly playing away from home, but it’s also true that the combinations of results were pretty bad. We spent the last month seeing as the other results were changing the entire picture. When I said that we were needing 44 points some people laughed at me, but it’s that I had a feeling with this.” He added.

And Lotina continued complaining of Depor’s luck on the season, “There have been too many funny results, nobody thought that you were going to need 44 points; but at some point all the results were against us. We were winning one day, and in the next day there were results affecting us. Some people even thought that 40 points were going to be enough. Everything was against Depor. If Real Madrid and Barca would have won their games, and I am not blaming them, then we would have been saved with 42 points.”

The other thing that called the attention of reporters was the fact that Lotina confessed that he always felt in the spotlight as the team was losing the games, “It was a special year, because every time we lost it seemed that Lotina was the one losing. And it’s that in each training session the players were telling me: easy coach, don’t worry, we will win on Sunday… It looked like Lotina was the only one losing, and I think that this fact affected us.”

“I assume my responsibility, but each one must do the same. Lotina hasn’t been relegated, the relegated side was Depor, and a lot of people works for the club. When you won the league everybody said we won, nobody said that Irureta won. But I won’t talk too much of it, the players and the club’s officials need to go forward and start working. As less doubts I can leave, the better.” He added

The Basque man also said that he still believes that Depor had enough squad to have clinched the permanence, “I was convinced that we were going to win on Saturday, but we missed a lot of opportunities. I still convinced that we had enough team to clinch the permanence; I think that neither Hércules nor Almeria had worst teams than us, but also that other ten teams weren’t better than Depor. I even think that on last season we had a worse team than now, and we lived closer to the UEFA. That’s my opinion, this season the squad was better than the previous one. When a team spends so many years at Primera, then nobody thinks that it would go down, that factor could have been a key”

Finally, and before talking for the last time at Abegondo’s press room, Lotina announced that he will rest for a few months before taking any job, “Surely I will leave now and will be out of action for a few months. I will rest some months and then we will see what happens.”

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