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27 May 2011
Aythami Artiles gave an interview to newspaper Canarias 7; he talked of the relegation of Deportivo, his desire of staying and of his optimistic view on Depor’s future.

Q: How do you breathe at Deportivo La Coruña a few days after the relegation to Segunda Division?
A: Everything is still very complicated. At the time, when all happened at the Riazor, you couldn’t assimilate the idea. But as the days go by, you realize how hard this is. People stop you on the street, ask you a few things... I recently met a member of the Riazor Blues and gave me his support. These are details that excite you, because for the city and the club a relegation to Segunda means a terrible hit.

Q: Is helpful to see the reaction of the fans?
A: Frankly, yes. People have turned with the team. It has been painful, but everybody has been thinking of the future, in returning Deportivo to Primera División as soon as possible, which is the level where it belongs.

Q: Will you stay at Deportivo?
A: Yes. I still have one more year of contract and before the relegation we began to negotiate the renewal. I want to stay and assist in the promotion, and after the vacations I will put everything in me to do so.

Q: Second consecutive relegation for you. Last year with Xérez, now with Deportivo...
A: This is football. At least I had the opportunity to play and enjoy of Primera Division. With Xérez you could see things coming, because although we had options at the end of the tournament of been saved, the true is that we were always among the last places and were thinking of it. The relegation of Deportivo, yes it touched my soul as no one expected this. I was suspended and was sitting by the bench and to remember what happened against Valencia, again, is something terrible.

Q: In any event, you demonstrated that you can play at Primera.
A: It is impossible to make a positive balance after the relegation, but it’s true that I played much more than anyone could expect. I even performed as a midfielder. I was close to complete thirty matches with the team and besides, I scored two goals. Not bad numbers, but unfortunately it did not help the team.

Q: Is it hard to imagine Juan Carlos Valerón at Segunda?
A: And Manuel Pablo too! Juan Carlos has been at Primera for a long time, he has been an international player, he is a crack as a player and as a person ... What I will say of him! The best partner I ever had and I will not discover his class now. The same goes with Manolo [Manuel Pablo]. But they will stay. They want to put Deportivo out of the hole and, of course, we know that with those players we will be the team to beat. If before it was Betis, from now on it will be Deportivo.

Q: And now you will return to the Canary Islands [in order to face Las Palmas]...
A: The only stadium where I have been whistled, but my respect for UD Las Palmas and my love for the club is above everything. I gave everything there and I will never forget it.

Q: Valerón was also whistled there.
A: I hope they won’t do it now. It isn’t worthy. For Canarian football he has been everything.



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