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31 May 2011
Diego Colotto has been chosen as RCDLC.com player of the season 2010/11, Adrian earned the best young player award and Rubén Pérez picked the best new signing award.

RCDLC.com Peña members elect each season the best player, the best newcomer and the best young player (U-23) at Deportivo's first team. For the season 2010/11 Diego Colotto has earned the award of player of the year, honour that the Argentine defender has won for the first time since his arrival to the club. The best newcomer was Rubén Pérez, while the best young player award went to striker Adrián López.
The procedure is very simple: Each deportivo-la-coruna.com peña member awarded the three best Depor's players in every official match (liga & Copa) with the options of 5, 3 or 1 point according to their performance. . The totals of each match were added and the best three players on each game were awarded with 5, 3 or 1 point. The matches were also voted with a three-point ranking, which increased or decreased the effect of the voting; this was made in order to increase the impact of the matches where Depor presented a most solid performance. The totals were accumulated and the winners resulted to be the players with the higher number of points according to the three categories.

It was the third year of Colotto at the club, a defender that has been growing within the last three seasons; in the first he had big problems to play regularly, in the second he found the stability and the season that has just ended meant his consecration. The Argentine took the leadership at the centre of the defense and, together with Albert Lopo, was the references at the team.

It is true that Deportivo ended at Segunda División, a result that nobody was expecting to see, but the only sector that presented solid numbers was the defense. Lotina’s Depor only allowed 47 goals in 38 matches, which was the seventh best mark at Primera División, only below Barcelona (21), Real Madrid (33), Sporting Gijón (42), Valencia (44), Villarreal (44) and Osasuna (46).

And one of the main reasons for this solid numbers was Colotto, who was also the player at the team with more minutes on the liga campaign (3,191). He took part of 36 of the 38 liga encounters; the two matches that he missed were for suspensions. If this isn’t enough, the Argentine man also made an important contribution in attack, scoring twice and even giving four assists, which was the highest mark at the team tied with Adrian. Enough reasons to justify this distinction.

It was one of the worst seasons in terms of new signings, all the new arrivals had a discrete performance and never had an impact in a team that was desperately needing for more power in attack, but there was an exception: Ruben Pérez, a pivote that came loaned for Atletico Madrid and that had a consistent participation in the lineups of Lotina.

It is true that the Sevillan midfielder was criticized throughout the season as he was losing the ball at key moments, which compromised the defense, but it should be considered as part of his learning process as this was just Ruben’s first full season at Primera División. He played in 32 of the 38 liga encounters and turned to be the fourth player with more minutes on the season, just beyond Colotto, Lopo and Aranzubia, trio that composed the spinal cord at defense.

Pérez was mainly a defensive choice at the centre of the defense, but he also showed some skills to shot from mid-distance; he completed eleven shots on target with long or mid-distance attempts, though he was unable to score. Definitely a player that will continue to grow, the good thing is that this process will continue at Deportivo as the loan deal negotiated with Atletico Madrid contemplates a second year.

It was Depor’s worst season within the last 30 years and the main reason for the debacle was the poor performance in attack, the Galician team only scored 31 goals in 38 liga matches, it’s not only the worst mark at the Galician club since the campaign 1972/1973 (22), but also the third worst mark at Primera División within the last decade.

But there was a ray of light in the middle of this storm: Adrian. A 23-year-old attacker that had his best year as a professional footballer. He was a constant threat for the rivals and ended the season as the Pichichi at the team with seven goals in la liga plus four more in Copa Del Rey. The Asturian was also the best assistor with four goal passes. The only negative thing is that his future is uncertain as Deportivo and Atletico are battling to get his services.

Final ratings on the season:

Final table
1st. Colotto - 73 pts 
2nd. Adrian - 68 pts
3rd. Laure - 64 pts
4th. Aranzubia - 61 pts
5th. Guardado - 54 pts
6th. Valeron - 53 pts
7th. Ruben Perez - 47 pts
8th. Manuel Pablo - 46 pts
9th. Lopo - 40 pts
10th. Lassad - 20 pts
11th. Juan Rodriguez - 19 pts
12th. Aythami - 16 pts
13th. Riki - 12 pts
14th. Manu - 11 pts
15th. Desma - 7 pts
15th. Urreta - 7 pts
17th. Tomas - 5 pts
18th. Seoane - 3 pts
19th. Alvarez - 2 pts
19th. Juan Dominguez - 2 pts
21st. Morel - 2 pts
Rochela - -1 pt.
Ze Castro - -1pt.



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