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01 Jun 2011
Oltra gave his first press conference as a Depor’s coach; he talked of several subjects, from the pre-season stage to the composition of the team for the new season. But he didn’t want to give any hint about possible signings.

On Tuesday, José Luis Oltra gave his first press conference as Depor’s head coach; it was at Abegondo and lasted eighteen minutes. He explained the details of the pre-season stage and it called the attention the fact that he didn’t want to give hints about the players that will arrive during the summer window.

He started explaining the pre-season stage of the team, “I have liked everything that I have seen within the last day and a half, and it was an intense day. I am content with the treatment and with everything we have talked. What I can tell you now is that we will start the pre-season on July 12, it will be a Tuesday; we will make the first tests in the morning and in the afternoon will have the first training session. On that first week we will work here in Abegondo, and in the following week, we still have to confirm it, we will go to Vilalba, I like the hotel and the weather there. That’s what I have done until now. The rest still have to be decided.”

“I don’t love the concentrations, but in this is a case of adaptation, and for the players that will arrive they need to feel part of the group, that’s why we will spend the first week here. In the second week we can put more pressure, to start meeting the players and know their behavior. At that point we will make more complete trainings and later will have time to rest. Vilalba is close to La Coruña, so you can solve any problem. The weather is good. I would have loved to stay here… but I consider that we need the concentration.” He said about the stage at Vilalba.

Later the Valencian trainer explained the status with the friendly games for the pre-season, “I have gave some indications to Ernesto [Bello] and haven’t told that I only want Galician rivals, but probably the first game will be against [Racing ] Vilálbes, but I can’t confirm it yet. There are things that I can’t say, because the club hasn’t confirmed it yet. Ernesto will work on it. One of the premises is to not make long trips, because it will rest you days of work. I would like to play against all the Primera clubs, but will also play against some Segunda teams.”

The physical condition and the injuries were one of the main problems in the past season, and about this issue Oltra said that, “The idea is to start and also to end the league at the top of our physical condition; these are normal issues at the clubs, and the idea is to have a strong start and keep the physical level until the end of the campaign. It’s important to have a good start, but also to have a solid end. We must work hard in order to reach the start of season at the top.”

Depor’s new coach also revealed that he already talked to some players at the team, “I have talked to Valerón, I already talked to him by the phone, and did it again a few minutes ago. It was a first contact. I already talked to other players [Aranzubia] and you will notice that I always like to talk to the players. It’s good to talk to everybody, especially the veterans and the players that have a bigger weight at the changing room. Valerón is pure optimism and is a good guy. I feel satisfied with our conversation.”

Later the journalists started to ask about possible reinforcements, but the Catarroja-born coach said that he won’t give any detail until the operations are closed, “I hope to have a competitive squad, and I am sure that we will have a solid team in order to reach our goals. I won’t give any name. I am an accessible guy, but also hermetic. You can call me, but won’t answer your inquiries about any name. I won’t tell you if Dani [Aranzubia] will stay, if Nino will come, or if I am searching for a side defender or a winger.”

Asked about the specific case of striker Nino, who has been linked with Depor, Oltra answered that, “He is a player that I like and we need a striker that cans score goals, and if Nino doesn’t arrive, then it will be somebody else. The coaches always talk of the players that we had in the past, but the club is the one that takes the final decision, and maybe they have other options. The club will make the official announcements at the proper time.”

What the coach confirmed is that he wants a partner for Riki, “We count with Riki, he is an important player that can perform in several positions: behind the striker, at the wings due to his velocity and strength, but I do believe that we need someone that can be a compliment to him. We have to take in mind the injuries, suspensions and the fact that sometimes the players aren’t fit to perform. Riki will be an important player, but in the end we need someone else that can contribute with goals.”

 “Won’t give more details, because if I say that we need a striker and then the club goes for it, then the price raises. So, we must be really careful and prepare a good team. Depor is a desirable club despite been at Segunda, so I don’t think we will have too many problems to hire people.” He added.

The coach also explained the way in which he takes decisions, “Fraga [Fraganillo, the physical coach] and Chema [Sanz, the second coach] will coordinate the physical preparation of the team, and Fraga will also be my advisor in terms of football, because he likes the game. I have a way to train and we are a group that likes to take decisions, though the last word and the responsibility is always mine.”

Finally, Oltra explained that he will love to have a short team ahead of new season, “We will have 22 or 25 players during the pre-season and I would love to end the pre-season stage with those 22 or 25 players. I would like to have all the players available for the pre-season. I don’t like large squads, and usually likes to have two men per position, so in the beginning we are talking of 20 or 21 field players, plus the three keepers, and then we have the B squad to cover the gaps. I like short squads with a strong competiveness for the positions.”



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