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05 Jun 2011
Deportivo B went down to Tercera División, which means a facelift at the team ahead of the new season; the main concern now is what will happen with the players that already debuted with the first team, some of them might leave.

On Thursday Deportivo B completed the last training session on the season, the team will play today a friendly match against U.D. Paiosaco and then the players will go on vacations, but before it is expected that the club will communicate to each youngster what will happen with all of them.

The newspapers in La Coruña are concern since the players that already debuted with the first team don’t have a clear future at the club, with the exception of David Rochela, Juan Dominguez and Diego Seoane, trio that already have a professional contract with the club.

More specifically, the concern is on winger/striker >David Añon, midfielder Dani Rodriguez, left-back defender Raul Garcia, right winger Carlos Monje Serrano ´Chirri’ and striker Dionisio Villalba ‘Dioni; youngsters that already debuted with the first team within the last two seasons.

The most complicate case is Añon, he is ending contract and doesn’t want to continue at Depor B despite only been 21; during the week it was known that Deportivo presented a renewal offer that was rejected as it was too low, something that was explained by the player himself to reporters, ”The club offered me a renewal, but it was too low and it wasn’t what we were expecting. I even commented the offer with some people at the club and they told me it was a shame. For my merits and the good season that we made I believe that I deserve more.”

And the A-Coruña born player even confessed that he is already negotiating with other clubs, rumours say that with Segunda clubs Real Murcia and Recreativo, ”I have offers from Segunda clubs and the negotiations are still on. I have spent eleven years at Depor and can’t complain of anything, but there’s a moment when if they want you then they have to push strongly. It will be sad to play at other city and in the same league than Depor, but if it has to be like that…”

Meanwhile, captain Dani is also ending contract and besides, he will be 24 on Monday, therefore he can’t stay at Deportivo B. The midfielder also has other offers, but in his case he wants to wait and see if he could have a chance at the first team, ”My idea is to sign a renewal. I have spent eleven years on here and hope to play at the first team. I have offers, but don’t want to take a decision until Depor talks with me. There are people at the B squad that has a strong feeling at the moment of wearing this shirt.”

”I don’t think that they will offer me a renewal with the B team. I have spent three years at Fabril and already played seventy games at Segunda B. I hope they will offer me the chance to reach the first team, if not I will have to search for a life elsewhere. But I am calmed, because things were fine on this year and surely I will have offers. The dream of any kid is to reach the first team, but if I don’t do it, then thanks. I have spent the last eleven years at Depor and I am thankful with Depor.”

The other three youngsters still have a contract with the club –Chirri, Dioni and Raul- but they don’t want to play at Tercera. Raul signed on the past season a three-year renewal, and the contract says that the last two years of the deal should be completed at the first team, but now the 21-year-old kid isn’t sure if the club will fulfill its word.

Chirri and Dioni face the same situation, both have one more year of contract and will love to be promoted to the first team, but it isn’t a probable scenario, Chirri was even saying that he won’t return to Deportivo B, ”For me Fabril is a choice that is already discarded, but still have one more year of contract and all depends on Deportivo. The true is that to reach the first team is a little complicated.”



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