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06 Jun 2011
Just one week after his presentation and coach Oltra already identified the base that he wants for the Deportivo of Segunda División, and he is also opening the door for the young blood at the team.

José Luis Oltra has spent one week in the job as Deportivo’s head coach and he already identified the spinal cord that he wants for the Segunda season. At this point it is hard to predict the kind of team that Depor will have for the season 2011/12, but the new coach knows what he wants and he explained it during an interview at Depor Sport.

He firstly assumed the role of ‘favourite ‘ that Deportivo will have on the Segunda season, as he said that, ”There will be people waiting for our bus in order to watch our players, and that’s going to motivate the rival. We are going to be the favourites and we must assume it naturally, but neither can we think that we are better than the rest.”

Then, the Valencian coach named the players that he considers the base for the new season: Aranzubia, Colotto, Aythami, Manuel Pablo and Valerón. One keeper, three defenders and a playmaker. Of course it calls the attention that there are no attackers on that list, and also the fact that Canarian Aythami is now considered as a key player at the team; he is replacing Lopo, who is leaving.

Another thing to have in mind that two of those five players can end leaving during the summer –Colotto and Aranzubia- The keeper has said that he won’t force his exit, but neither discarded an exit of a good offer arrives, while president Lendoiro has said that if Argentine Colotto doesn’t renew his contract, then he will leave during the summer.

But Oltra is aware of this, and the coach said in the interview that he already phoned both men in order to convince them about staying, ”I don’t know if they will stay or leave, because there could be offers, but I told them that ours is going to be the most important project at Segunda División, and I saw that they were eager to stay.”

Finally, Oltra remembered the presence of David Rochela and Juan Dominguez, two youngsters that he considers that will have the big opportunity to give a step forward with this experience at Segunda División; at the same time he was assuring that Deportivo is going to make important signings, ”We will try to make solid signings in order to compete in this league, but always according to the possibilities of the club.”



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