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11 Jun 2011
Deportivo still looking at the market searching for reinforcements, but at the same time it is trying to define the faith of the players that were part of the team during the season 2010/11.

The club hasn’t closed yet any signing for the season 2011/12, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t working on it; actually things seem to be busy at Plaza de Pontevedra according to the rumours appearing on the papers. The players that still closer is defensive midfielder Diego Rivas (31, Real Sociedad). He is a free agent and it is known that Depor, Real Betis and Getafe are interested in him.

Lendoiro already presented an offer to his agent, but it was a one-year contract and the player wants two seasons, as it was confirmed by his agent, Libero Parri, to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña, Since he is already 31 the ideal thing is to sign a longer contract, though the duration of the deal shouldn’t be a problem, but if we can get two years, the better. According to the paper, Ernesto Bello, the sporting director of Deportivo, was going to have a phone conversation with Parri during Thursday’s night.

But the busier task is to find the goal-scorer whished by coach Oltra and by all the fans; on the past week Depor Sport wrote a list of four candidates, but at this point all the options are complicated. Starting with Xisco. La Voz De Galicia wrote on Friday that Newcastle United is not accepting the offer of Depor in order to extend the loan deal to the new season.

Other two choices were José Verdú Nicolás, 'Toché' (28, Cartagena) and Jonathan Soriano (24, Barcelona B), but both attackers were already discarded as both of them want to play at Primera División. Alexandre Geijo Pazos (28, Udinese) is also discarded as his agent, Álvaro Torres, is already searching for other options.

But the highest wish of Oltra for this position is Nino (31, Tenerife FC); the Almeria-born striker still undecided and at this point it seems that he is closer to Osasuna than to Deportivo; it has been commented that he could also have an offer coming from Elche, and that he could make a final decision at the end of the promotion playoff at Segunda División.

Meanwhile, the last name .linked with Depor is Íñigo Pérez (23, Athletic Bilbao); he is a left winger coming out from the schools of Athletic that’s ending contract in 2012; he was discarded by Caparrós during the season and went loaned to Huesca in January playing in 13 of the 14 matches that he spent there. Pérez can also perform as an offensive midfielder and his name has been linked with other Segunda clubs like Numancia, Gimnastic and Sabadell. It is rumoured that Depor might try to negotiate a loan, but if the player doesn’t sign an extension of contract with Athletic then he could join the Galician club for free.

This rumour came from Sportpaper AS; however, the agent of the winger, Vicente Biurrun, denied any negotiation during a phone conversation with, as he said that, ”There’s nothing; he just want to have a chance at Athletic.”

Depor is also trying to extend the loan deal of Michel Herrero, playmaker that didn’t have continuity on the past season due to a knee injury, but that wants to stay at the club despite the relegation, he has been linked with Levante, but the agent of the player, Mario Parri, told to La Voz de Galicia that he is just waiting to see Deportivo and Valencia reaching a final agreement.

”Valencia accepts to see Michel playing for one more season in La Coruña, no matter it will be at Segunda. There’s a strong interest of Depor as they believe that he could be an important player in the project. We like the idea and are only waiting to see both clubs reaching an agreement. I believe there won’t be a problem.” The agent said.

Who won’t wear again the shirt of Deportivo is Yves Desmarets; the French winger joined Depor as a free agent during the season that has just ended, but his contract won’t be renewed after having a poor performance in la liga. According to La Voz the club already told the player that he isn’t part of the plans for the new season.

But two players that are part of the new project are central defender Diego Colotto and left-back Raul Garcia. The contract of Colotto last until 2012 and on Friday it was known that the agent of the player, Pascual Lezcano, will travel to Spain in the coming days in order to negotiate an extension of contract. It has been commented that Lendoiro is offering a three-year extension to him. Finally, Fabril’s Raul Garcia is also receiving a renewal offer, according to La Voz de Galicia the offer is for one more season with the option of making the pre-season with the first team.



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