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14 Jun 2011
Central defender Aythami Artiles talked to Depor Sport about his renewal and also of the season at Segunda División; the Canarian is optimistic, but also believes that it will be tough to achieve the promotion.

Q: Can we say that you are now more Deportivista?
A: Yes, I am happy and content. I always said that what I wanted was to stay here for many years. They offered me the renewal some months ago, but things were twisted and we were only thinking of achieving the permanence, so we delayed the sign. In the end we went down, but still we closed the deal.

Q: There was any change in the negotiation after the team suffered the relegation?
A: Nothing. It was clear that I was staying, but we closed the deal until now. The relegation didn’t change my plans. One day after the relegation I spoke to Ernesto Bello and told him that I was ready to sign; I told him that if before I wanted to stay, now at Segunda my priority was Depor. I want to be here and help to achieve the promotion.

Q: Do you understand that people see this as a gesture of compromise with the club…
A: I spent two and a half years loaned at Xérez, but the side that gave the opportunity to debut at Primera was Deportivo. They signed me when I was 20; my only experience was one season at Segunda, and always was thankful with that. My parents always taught me to be thankful, and have a special feeling for Depor, so if before I wanted to stay, now it was clear that I didn’t want to leave.

Q: Was an influence the fact that the other Canarian players at the team also signed a renewal?
A: We have a dinner from time to time and they were pushing me to sign (he laughs)… Each of us has their own fate, but our priority is Deportivo. Manuel Pablo and Valerón have spent a lot of years here and they are highly involved with the club, and I also share that feeling. They knew that I wanted to stay and that there wouldn´t be a problem.

Q: Manuel Pablo, Rochela, you… are you relying in more renewals in order to make a strong team?
A: I spoke with each one and the clear thing is that everybody feels committed and wants to put Depor back where it belongs. There’s hope and an attractive project, one that has a clear goal. But the club also has to look for its interest in case that a good offer arrives for any player. If everybody stays, great; but if there’s an exit clearly it will because it is a good financial operation for Deportivo.

Q: The clear thing is that this is a new phase for everyone…
A: Yes, we must be aware that we will be the rival to beat on next year. So we must be at 150% at every field. The clear thing is that we aren’t going to win the games only with our shield, because we will have to run a lot, and we will see all kind of streaks throughout the season.

Q: So, are you ready to deal with the pressure of been the favourite?
A: The main thing is the hope. We can’t only be thinking that the only goal is the promotion, but in the ability to gain hope with every game, because in that way things are going to be much easier.

Q: You already achieved a promotion with Xérez…
A: Yes. It is a season that I will never forget, with a great atmosphere inside the team; we had a great coach and a connection with the fans. We will have the same ingredients at Deportivo, so I expect to be able to repeat this success and that we will be celebrating in one year.

Q: After the poor performance on the past season, will be hard to change the chip?
A: The true is that it is hard to left things behind. I have thought a lot about the last game. I go home, talk to my friends, the family, and everybody comment things, because they were pending on Deportivo on those days, so you revive things frequently. But this is football; it has good and bad things. What I believe is that this sport takes things from you and later it gives them back, so the only thing left is to fight, because surely the good times will return.

Q: And what seems clear is that the fans will still supporting the team, this judging by the long lines during the week.
A: Yes, two days after the relegation a lot of fans were asking to buy their membership cards, and that means that they will be there. There is a union between the team and the fans and that should be kept at any cost. We are thankful for the support and for the treatment after suffering the relegation. They are an example for everyone, so Deportivo and the Deportivismo is hopeful, and that’s how we must face the new challenges: with optimism, humility and always step by step.

Q: You and the Canarian players at the team will have a very special meeting against Las Palmas on the new season.
A: Among all the bad things, the only good news is that I will go to Las Palmas in order to see my people and will play there. I already faced my former team with Xérez and always love to face my former partners, and it is the same for Manuel Pablo and Valerón. I don’t know if later they will whistle me, but on the street people always support me and nobody liked to see Depor going down, especially for the way it happened.

Q: What do you think of your new coach?
A: He is fine. I already spoke with people from Almeria, and they said great things of José Luis Oltra. You only need to see his teams, like the Tenerife that was promoted with him, and even the team that went down in the following year. It was a team playing good football, so I am content with the new coach. It is important to see the players saying great things of their former coach. When it happens it is because he has something…

Q: He said that he wants an ambitious team, time to reinvent yourself?
A: Everything is different; it is a new league, with new players that will arrive and a coach that will want to play in a specific way. Clearly we need to be ambitious and go out for the three points in every game, because we now play in order to be the champions, and I believe that we won’t miss that winning spirit asked by Oltra.



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